What makes fantasy football a behemoth business?

The blog explores in detail about popularity of football, current landscape, areas to tap, revenue and fantasy football business opportunities.

The football fan base has only grown with time, absolutely justifying its highest popularity among all other sports in the world. Needless to remind, FIFA World Cup 2014 broke its own records by having 3.5 billion fans glue their eyes and hearts to the game while the finale alone was watched by almost 1 billion people of the total 7.6 billion world population. Football popularity is undoubtedly larger than it sounds. More than 250 million people from all across the globe play football,of which, as many as 110,000 play professionally in hundreds of leagues worldwide. The blog explores the popularity of football, current landscape, areas to tap, revenue and fantasy football business opportunities.

Constant fan engagement is maintained through maximum number of leagues

Believe it or not, football leads the figures- be it market economy, fan following, viewers’ participation or number of leagues. Football ranks first for having the highest number of leagues. The English and Spanish premier leagues are very popular, participated in by the topmost players, and are followed worldwide religiously while even the comparatively small-scale leagues are followed by the locals with great zeal. These leagues are played throughout the year so the buzz never goes down.

Game’s popularity leads to participation in fantasy football

According to the National Sports Poll by Lowell’s University of Massachusetts, 37% of the people proudly admitted that they would choose watching football over any other sport. Adaptive technology, availability of affordable smart phones and easy access to high speed internet has posed great opportunities for passive viewers to become active fans. Being able to participate in fantasy football leagues is everything that the fans need for levelling up their craze for the game as they get to live up a world cup experience through fantasy platform.

Growing-popularity of fantasy football by Vinfotech

Fantasy sports are highly addictive. 89% of the users play fantasy sports at least once a month. The fantasy soccer platforms of Fantasy Premier League and English Premier League had more than 4 million participants in 2017. Quite obvious, with FIFA World Cup 2018 being round the corner, the engagement is likely to increase even more in terms of viewing of the game as well as the participation in FIFA World Cup 2018 fantasy league.

Football invites spectatorship like tourism

UK is one of the most prime tourist destinations for watching football. The English Premier League received a great deal of global appeal and now the television rights for domestic viewers have been agreed at more than £5 billion and the matches are broadcast in almost 175 countries.

Growing-popularity of english premier league by Vinfotech

FIFA 2018 will certainly grab the world’s attention

FIFA, the governing body of football, has 211 associate nations of which 32 nations have made their cut to the FIFA world cup 2018 which will be hosted in Russia from 14th June to 15th July. It goes without saying that FIFA 2018 will take the game’s popularity by storm like never before and the entire revenue generation from the sport will inevitably increase in the following months as the world cup starts in June. So this is the best time for fantasy sports too for getting new users and increasing the revenue cap.

Can you launch a fantasy league yourself?

Sure. Well, this is the best season for creating and launching new fantasy leagues.Just reach out to a successful fantasy football software built by Vinfotech, the world’s leading fantasy sports app developer and get your customised fantasy sports solutions ready.Huge revenue can be generated by cracking the tricks of creating a neat website, introducing mobile friendly platform/ mobile apps, offering daily, weekly and season-long games and promotions, and lastly promoting the leagues everywhere promotion is possible.
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  • Football has the maximum number of leagues compared to any other sport
  • Football’s popularity makes it lucrative for creating fantasy leagues
  • Football invites spectatorship like tourism
  • Football is one of the biggest holders in the sports market economy

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