Why you can't ignore react native ?

React Native development is for you if you are looking for a way to develop working MVPs for leading mobile platforms with minimum time and cost investments.

React native is enjoying the buzz. Deservingly so. When you place an application developed with React native close to one that is natively built, we bet you can't see the difference. Because there isn't much to spot. When Facebook introduced the technology to the world, they coined a term- “Learn once, Write anywhere”. Practically, this means that a major chunk of the developed codebase can be used in the cross-platform implementation.

React technology has made it possible for businesses and entrepreneurs to get hands on their iOS and Android mobile apps in no time- sans any compromise on the performance front.

React native is the win-win between cross-platform app development and native app development methodologies. The recently birthed technology allows app developers to infuse native features into their apps while enjoying some room for code reuse.

The ability to use a native API and wrap it within react components is the USP of react native development. Developers love it. And so do businesses who want to mark their presence across devices and platforms.

React native's undeniable value for businesses

Here are a few reasons why React native is hard to ignore-

# Code reuse = cost reduction – This has been the selling feature of React native. For the price and effort of one mobile app, you now get two (or even three). While there are a few anomalies in the apps, but perfection is hard to find. React native development saves costs and doubles down on the efficiency. Any issues you encounter are outnumbered by the efforts you save. React native developers know what efficiency means.

# Live reloading – React native developers get to see their changes by simple reloading of the app. This is in stark contrast to native developers who need to rebuild their app every time they make the slightest change. It's a respite, they'll tell you! react native's dev menu enables change reflection with a reloading alone.

# Focus on developer efficiency – By making it possible for developers to consistently deliver experiences by learning javascript and react, the technology has added much-needed efficiency to the job of a coder- meaning everyone benefits!

# UI similarities in Android and iOS – Other than only a couple of tweaks, the UI codebase for iOS and Android apps are just the same. With Android's native picker for input, you may want to change it for iOS. But, writing UI with react native is as swift as it can get.

# Modular and intuitive architecture – Just like react, react native also boasts of an architecture that makes it easy for developers to work on someone else's code. This adds agility in any development team and eases the wrinkles in rolling out updates. Moreover, app testers find it effortless to understand the code and write relevant scenarios.

React native development is for you if you are looking for a way to develop working MVPs for leading mobile platforms with minimum time and cost investments. With Vinfotech’s react native development services, you trade perfection for efficiency. Contact us for more info.

  • Develop an MVP for both platforms within the stipulated time
  • Apply changes by simply reloading the app with dev menu
  • Lower down the pricing beyond imagination

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