Fantasy football: A market ready to multiply in FIFA 2018

Football is the most popular sport in the world and the fanbase is now hungry for fantasy football platforms. See how.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Its governing body, FIFA, has 211 associate nations. Among these, 32 nations made it to the FIFA world cup 2018 which will be held in Russia from 14th June to 15th July. The FIFA world cup is called the biggest sporting event of the world for a reason. Approximately 3.5 billion people watched the 2014 world cup, with the final alone getting around 1 billion viewers worldwide.

Fantasy sports have provided these billions of fans a way to participate in the sports and such events as more than just as a fan. With the world cup round the corner, a good FIFA fantasy football league is something that fans definitely crave for.

The astronomical growth of fantasy football

There are more than 60 million fantasy sports players. 9 million of these participate in fantasy football leagues. Soccer being extremely popular in Europe is in great demand for fantasy versions. The fantasy soccer platforms of Fantasy Premier League and English Premier League had more than 4 million participants in 2017. The astronomical growth rate of various fantasy leagues is a result of the passion people have for sports.

Here’s what makes this game lucrative -

#1 People want to compete
People want to play and compete with friends and family and other people.

#2 Existing market validation
Millions of fans are already hooked to fantasy sports which makes a good FIFA fantasy football league a good candidate for organic growth especially around 2018 world cup.

#3 Sheer size of the game
football is played by more than 250 million people across the globe, that’s around 4% of the world population. It has more than 110,000 professional players playing in (literally) hundreds of leagues around the world.

#4 Maximum number of leagues
football has the largest number of leagues followed religiously by local fans, and some, like English and Spanish premier leagues, are followed worldwide with all the top players participating in them. These leagues are played throughout the year, thus ensuring constant fan engagement. football, therefore is an ideal choice for a fantasy sport business, as the leagues provide regular events and competitions for the fans.

Fantasy football is slated to grow

Fantasy football leagues, with a potential user base of billions, is obviously a good investment idea.

Fantasy premier league, with over 4 million registered users, has still not disclosed their revenues. But their increasing popularity, and enhanced services with each passing year makes it clear that it is a profitable venture for the English premier league. Uclfantasy, the fantasy sport offering for the champions league by UEFA(Union of European football association), has an estimated worth of $638 million with nearly 11 million users.

Partnering with leagues to promote the games and generate more interest around them is one way fantasy leagues make money. But the real revenue comes from advertisements and users. Most fantasy leagues offer a free version and a paid version, with paid users given more options to create their teams. Competitions are held along with real world leagues where users can participate by paying a certain entry fee and then creating their teams. Daily, weekly prizes are announced are awarded to the users who have maximum points and a final prize for tournament winner.

FIFA 2018 will make fantasy football hotter than before

Expectations around 2018 FIFA world cup are huge, and it is almost inevitable that it will cross the 2014 event in terms of number of viewers and in revenue. For fantasy sports too, it is a huge opportunity to get new users and to surpass their existing numbers(users/revenue etc.) For those planning to create and launch their own fantasy league, this is the best time.

What do you need?

For creating a good fantasy football league, you need to have a good website and a good mobile app to provide users with an easy way to participate. Both the website and the app need to have an intuitive UI for keeping users engaged. Partner with a team with a known track record of building successful fantasy sport leagues to get the website and app right. You also need a great marketing plan to create awareness about your league among the fantasy fanatics.

Vinfotech, world’s leading fantasy sports app developers, can help you in making the best fantasy football league for FIFA 2018. vFantasy Framework, Vinfotech’s fantasy sports software is the best such framework in the world with thousands of hours of efforts and hundreds of successful products behind it. We use our experience in the field to help our customers in marketing their product and in getting the initial users. We also help them in scaling as the product grows in popularity.

Curious about how to create a football fantasy league? That’s how it’s done.

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Want to create the best FIFA 2018 fantasy football league? Give us a call.

  • Fantasy football will only increase in popularity with FIFA 2018
  • Users want to live up a world cup experience through fantasy platform
  • Football has considerable number of leagues
  • Fantasy football market is bound to be lucrative

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