How should brands embrace themselves during sports events?

Fantasy sports can engage high scale mass. It can help brands to exploit opportunities around various sport leagues. Read How.

Importance of sports event for brands

In a 24/7 world where people continually engage with a plethora of platforms and have the liberty to access content on demand, sport emerges as a potential discipline that can engage high numbers of people. Sport has the ability to cohere masses on the basis of their universal passions and interests not only at local level but global level as well. Despite the fact that the world suffers from a fragmenting media landscape, audiences do not hesitate to tune into "traditional" TV and other such media to watch popular sports events such as Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and IPL etc. This reflects the massive popularity of various sporting events worldwide that can keep people hooking to traditional media sets. Imagine the scenario in 2018's tech-driven, multi-billion dollar sports industry with businesses, teams and events jostling in quest of big numbers and immense popularity.

The number of sports fans is not only increasing significantly but they are equally ready for a more engaging, entertainment-oriented and an immersive experience. With so much into it, the opportunities underlying in sports events are on a meteoric rise. TV viewership is declining and people are consuming sports on their digital devices which caters to the fact that they connect with sports anytime anywhere.

Another interesting fact is the innovation in the ways in which brands are associating themselves with sports, generating more revenue than ever. To integrate into live sporting events, so as to establish themselves as meaningful sponsors, brands splurge a lot of money. Fantasy sports companies have proved to be very influential in aiding brand to earn a lot of money and engage masses with the help of technology.

Many fantasy sports companies and professional sport teams have been signing sponsorship deals with a view to seek more revenue and popularity. In some cases, most of the revenue is based on the fantasy sport associated with the brand, encouraging other brands to think of more such ways to gauge audiences and revenue.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is an online game, where team owners form virtual teams of real players and compete against other fantasy sport owners. The teams score points on the basis of the statistical data generated by performance of real players. Fantasy games are primarily of two types i.e., daily and season-long fantasy sports. Fantasy sports solutions is a modern age technology that can help brands to exploit the opportunities available in today's sports marketing environment. Fantasy sports have the capability to create unprecedented levels of engagement for brands that can use them to provide the best experience to their customers.

Different versions of fantasy sports such as Pick em' and Salary Cap Games can provide engaging format to the customers which keeps the masses hooked to them. In the U.S.A. and Canada, there are almost 57.4 % fantasy sports players. The numbers will certainly rise in future considering the advances in technology and a niche audience for sports.

Fantasy cricket - a milestone before IPL

Sports leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) are immensely popular among people. Contested during the months of April and May, the IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India. Started in 2007, the popularity of the IPL is not just restricted to the boundaries of India. The IPL is the most-attended league in the world and is quite popular across the globe. Moreover, there has been a continual spike in the brand value of the IPL. Fantasy Cricket, a popular fantasy sport, is quite popular among sports fans and is played by them using their skill and knowledge. One can pick their team comprising of real players and can earn points on the basis of the performance of the selected players in real-life matches.

With a brand value of $5.3 billion, IPL is the biggest cricket extravaganza with a bouquet of leading brands such as Vivo, Pepsi, Jio, and Asian Paints among others. Since its inception, IPL has been acting as a successful marketing vehicle for these brands helping them in achieving their business ambitions. Sports leagues such as IPL have the potential to appeal to demographics across geographies, by combining the power of TV and digital and leveraging the power of multiple screens.

Fantasy cricket enable brands to promote their services and reach a larger audience, providing them thrilling experiences of live game. It can help brands to create and nurture relationships with consumers as well as potential partners.

Fantasy football - the milestone before FIFA World Cup

The 2018, FIFA World Cup will kick off in Russia from 14th June to 15th July 2018. FIFA World Cup is the world's largest single-event sporting competition. World Cup 2018 will provide unprecedented level of opportunities to not only major brands and sponsors other brands as well. Budding brands which have some tactical knowledge and are willing to think creatively and strategically can also win big at it. The last world cup, held in Brazil in 2014 engaged 3.9 billion fans globally. 2018 will be no different.
In order to discover synergy between the sport and your brand, the best alternative to tap on would be a platform like fantasy football. With its widespread popularity, fantasy football makes a good combination with sporting competitions like Fifa World Cup. Fantasy sports help consumers and football fans to gain am immersive, exciting and a thrilling experience, wherein a fan is directly engaged into a particular sport. Moreover, such a platform will enable brands to create a personalized brand engagement campaign which will help them to generate more traffic on their platforms, ambush marketing and develop a better customer relationship. A fantasy sports platform such as fantasy football will help brands engage customers with Fifa World Cup 2018 in a personalized way providing them a memorable and a thrilling experience. Consequently, there is an unprecedented level of increment in the brand awareness during and after the event as compared to what it was before the event.

Vinfotech’s white label fantasy sports software help brands to create daily or season long fantasy sports for their customers. Vinfotech developed Star League - Season long fantasy football and Khiladi11 - Fastly growing Indian fantasy cricket platform are two such examples showing how our organization excels at creating the best fantasy sports with great design sense to help brands create more user-engaging and stellar platforms for a better and faster performances.
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  • Sport has the ability to cohere masses on the basis of their universal passions and interests
  • With past viewership of 3.9 bn, FIFA is the biggest football extravaganza with a bouquet of leading brands
  • In order to discover long-lasting and cost efficient synergy between the sport and your brand, the best alternative to tap on would be a fantasy football platform
  • Fantasy sports solutions is a modern age technology that can help brands to exploit the opportunities available in today's sports marketing environment

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