Six ways fantasy sports make users more socially intelligent

Did you know that fantasy games have long-lasting effect on your attention, memory and decision making? Read how fantasy sports make you smarter.

When you engage in a mind game, you reap some benefits unconsciously. There have been more than 50 studies done worldwide for analyzing the effect of brain games that involve use of knowledge, memory or skill and most have validated their cognitive effects rather positively. A 2014 study published in the American Journal of Play stated that games that involve the use of video or visual motion had long-lasting positive effects on basic mental processes such as attention, memory, perception, and decision making.

However, a caveat that comes with most of these studies is this - not all games are beneficial for your brain and intelligence. Mindless games that simply involve mechanical scoring are often addictive and render a person lethargic. But when skill and memory are utilized towards playing games, they reduce stress, make users alert and improve intelligence.

Fantasy sports around the world have gained a competitive status and much respect for a reason. They compel the users to make use of their knowledge of games, exercise their ability to take decisions and help them become more prudent.

So, what are the direct benefits of playing fantasy sports for users?

1. More knowledgeable of the game

Without doing anything special other than keeping up with their sport, users become knowledgeable of the sport they play. It begins with the basic knowledge of star players and stats, and it extends to their knowledge of more teams, rules and the rise and fall of players.

2. Improved decision making

When users choose to play fantasy games, they improve their decision making. They become more logical in their decisions about the players they choose for their team. Before they pick their team, users initially consider players’ statistics.

3. It bonds users with their significant other

A user and their partner could go out together to a local sports bar to watch the games and to keep updated with their fantasy teams. They can share the same interests and their partner can feel that he/ she is never left out whenever they watch their favorite teams together. This kind of bonding leads to healthier relationships.

4. Despite defeats, users never lose interest in the game

You will think more of how you can get your fantasy team to playoff even if your favorite team is losing. That’s how users typically feel. They will also remember heartbreaking losses and memorable wins in their fantasy games. This kind of a spirit enables users to take intelligent decisions in life based on facts instead of feelings.

5. Users connect with like-minded people

With playing fantasy sports, users like to connect with people who have the same interest with them and share their opinions in each game. They find themselves bonding with people they like to discuss about their common interest. This helps develop social skills among users.

6. Improved mathematics

Fantasy sports are motivating students, increasing academic achievement, and helping students to acquire a love for mathematics. The fantasy games also help eliminate discipline problems and reduce absenteeism. Most importantly, fantasy football is helping students succeed.

When playing your favorite fantasy sport like hockey, football or basketball, users are not only playing for the game itself but also for social experience. We know all about these users since we are ardent players of fantasy sports ourselves. We should talk.

  • Fantasy sports make users more knowledgeable
  • Users get better at decision making
  • Users bond with their partners better
  • Fantasy sports keep interest levels intact
  • Users improve their math skills

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