Engage employees with fantasy sports because they love to act as sports team manager!

Companies which are willing to foster employee engagement can seek a relief in fantasy sports.

Be it an emerging set-up or a top notch in the ladder, every organization embody employee engagement. An engaged employee furthers the mission of an organization, affects the output and increases productivity through positive action. A driven employee can work wonders when it comes to seeking success. In a highly competitive environment, a highly engaged workforce can take better decisions for an organization, increase innovation and performance, keeping the high costs of hiring and retention at bay. They are the ones who brace an organization for the most challenging situations and create moonshot ideas.

When workers are engaged, performance of business increases on a daily basis which unfolds long-term gains and success. Positive reinforcement, transparency, incentives, room for growth are the basics for employee engagement. However, in a tech-savvy world, an organization needs to adopt innovative metrics and the best practices to stand out.

How a disengaged employee harms the organization?

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, the number of businesses believing their employees are highly engaged within the organization is less than a quarter. The number is more astonishing in countries like U.S. where the trend of low employee engagement has been on an incessant rise. Unengaged employees harm an organization in multiple ways. They tend to have poor outlooks and are uninterested in participating in important decision-making.

Companies suffer costs in the hands of uninspired employee engagement as disengaged employees take more time to grasp things which do not bother them. This leads to over-training and extra hiring at the end of the employers. Studies have revealed that 70% of employees in the U.S. feel disengaged at the workplace. While the basics seem to fail in such a scenario, what can work for an organization are the modern tools such as fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports increases trust among employees

Companies which are willing to foster opportunities to bring employees together and insert trust among them into the workplace can seek a short period of rest in fantasy sports. It is a fun and modern tool to bring employees together. Playing fantasy sports together can go a long way in establishing strong relationships with co-workers on a personal as well as a professional level.

It can foster healthy competition among employees. Moreover, fantasy sports are quite popular among people especially among the millennials, who already are avid players of fantasy sports. As a result, employees will feel more motivated in the workplace.

Works as icebreaker

Fantasy sports can work as icebreaker for the employees who get the chance to engage with co-workers or employees of other departments. It helps the employees to take a break from the mundane and start work afresh with a more driven approach and higher engagement. Fantasy sports reduce the work pressure of the employees. The added benefits such as money, coupons and other perks that fantasy sports offer make employees happy and content. Happier employees are better at decision making and are more engaged at the workplace.

Lets employees do what they like

Employees playing fantasy football with their coworkers are 12% more engaged than the ones who play with people from outside of work. Therefore, creating an office fantasy league can help employees bond with people from other departments such as retail, marketing, IT etc. Moreover, employees playing fantasy football with their coworkers are 12% more engaged than the ones who plays on fantasy sport platforms with people from outside of work.

Vinfotech has an excellent record of fantasy sports app development for companies, thus helping them in employee engagement. Our products are designed in a way to provide a highly engaging experience to the employees, thereby increasing their productivity. Vinfotech's fantasy sports solutions allows companies to help their employees give a break from mundane and engage with work afresh.

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  • A highly engaged workforce can take better decisions for an organization
  • Disengaged employees have poor outlooks and are uninterested in participating in important decision-making
  • Fantasy sports work as icebreaker for employees as they get a chance to engage with co-workers
  • Employees playing fantasy football with their coworkers are 12% more engaged than the ones who play with people from outside of work

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