Websites to Help you Win Your Fantasy League

Word has it that the number of people making a living out of fantasy football is on an increase! Takes a lot of confidence

Well, hello! Word has it that the number of people making a living out of fantasy football is on an increase! Takes a lot of confidence! With glint in their eyes, fire in their belly and spring in their step, fantasy football fans find themselves smack in the middle of the fantasy season and are busy crunching in numbers, following stats and watching the games very closely. As a firm that specializes in building fantasy football leagues, we thought it would be a good idea to give a brief about some websites that can help the fantasy players have an edge over their competition.

Sports recommendation websites have made it big in the current era and our experience in the field tells us that the sports niche is soon to have plenty of such websites with an easy to use UI and simple yet effective functionalities. Let’s cast an eye on a few of these helpful websites that can help you win your fantasy league –

  • Fantasy Football Champs

    Log on to and you would come across a number of proprietary statistical tools that have the sole purpose of making player statistics easy for you. The shining star of the website is its ranking and projection system called FFC Performance Index, which helps you understand which player is likely to perform the best. The data is updated every day and gives ‘bang on target’ predictions with 80 percent accuracy. In addition to this, the cheatsheet known as C3 that helps you find sleepers (inactive members) and avoid busts on draft day by using proprietary algorithms.

  • Draft Sharks

  • The interface is stylish and sleek. The site has not one but 4 USPs – Custom Tailored Cheatsheets, in-season strength of season updates, personalized trade advice and news articles to keep the users updated. The website already has a huge database of users and is growing. Slightly on the higher side of the price scale, the good thing about Draft Sharks is that it offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • The Huddle

    At a modest cost, The Huddle gives you everything in order to enhance your chances of winning. Draft kit has a few awards to its name and the most popular part of the site is its forum section. The message boards are full of talks from experienced fantasy players and enthusiasts who provide proper stats and analysis to other users. Cheatsheets, mock drafts, game predictions, stat trackers, start advise, player profiles and player rankings are all part of this website. When it comes to rankings, the site’s BTA (Better Than Average) ranking takes the cake as it gauges the performance of a player compared to every other player in his position.
  • Football Guys

    Constantly updated news, as a fantasy football player would tell you is the most important bit of help that he can get. The site provides just that and with its news, podcasts, stats tools, forecasting tools and basic draft guide, it helps you stay ahead of the game. Football Guys uses a drafting system called Value Based Drafting that helps to compare projections for every player, across all positions for any league setting. Sign up for the premium subscription and you get custom cheatsheets, daily newsletters, expert projections and ADP lists.
  • Rotoworld

    If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast, the name Rotoworld wouldn’t have eluded you. In the ownership of NBC Universal, Rotoworld has a huge user base. The site is all about quality, and let’s face it, quality is what you need when you’re picking a good recommendation site to help you win your league. The site’s ‘On Demand Draft Guide’ produces an easily printable document that contains player profiles, ADP (Average Draft Position) reports, rookie rankings, statistics projections, injury reports and depth charts. All these entities are updated in real time and you get a tailor made solution for your league settings.

As a team of designer and developers creating and delivering online fantasy leagues solutions, we keep a close eye on all the action around the globe that can help us better the user experience for the users. As intriguing as the world of fantasy football is, there is no denying the fact that fantasy recommendation sites are always in business. In our world of fantasy league development, we’re trying to maintain a close camaraderie with these websites in order to provide enhanced offerings to our clients.


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