How to win a mega contest on leading Fantasy Cricket platforms like Dream11, Mycircle11 and Fanfight?

While fist-pumping in celebration of winning real money on a fantasy platform, you realize the beads of sweat that dripped down your forehead when drafting your fantasy cricket team after hours of research paid off. For fantasy sports players, moments like these make all the hard work worth it.

It's hard to argue against the fact that tempting rewards are indeed one among many reasons behind the meteoric rise of popular fantasy sports platforms today. Ever since it's inception we've seen such platforms grow by leaps and bounds. As such, they have exhibited an audacity towards rewards that have only grown bolder with every passing year.

So the question lingering in the minds of many fantasy sports enthusiasts, is how do they perpetuate their winning streak on these platforms? How can they ensure their consistent victory every time they indulge in such contests?

Yes, winning is challenging, and scoring persistent victories is even more arduous. However, there is solace to be found in the strategies that we are about to acquaint you with within this article.

So without much further ado, here are a few tips that will guarantee you score glorious victories every time you enter these contests.

Don’t Invest All Your Money in One Match

Every fantasy player wants to win big, that too in a short time. And the winning amount of the grand leagues lure players to participate in one or two grand leagues that are played by other thousands or lakhs of contestants.

Such is the aura around these games that people want to win big, and they want to do so in a very short time. As such, they start investing in big leagues, and end up losing oodles of money in the process. The smart thing to do would be to invest in the much safer small league teams instead, thus boosting your chances of winning even more..

Don't Skip Out on Statistics

The numbers on a statistic are more than what meets the eye. They are telling you a story that will unravel your path to winning these contests. You can hop over to websites like PerfectLineup- that provide the most accurate statistics and advanced projections to ace your daily fantasy research. Intuitive graphs help you understand the recent form of the player, while statistics bifurcated on the basis of game format and competition help you understand the historical trend and player nuances. PerfectLineup’s player cards also provide player’s position rank, overall rank, highlighting the presence of the player in the Perfect Lineup of the match with a little star. These integrated player analytics can help draw imperative lessons and takeaways that will increase your chances of winning. Take note of these player comparisons and team records to gain the upper hand.

Pick Your Team Wisely

Fill your side to the brim with match-winners only. A quick reference of stats will help you build a great team with competent Captain and Vice-Captain choices. Only go with proven game-changers when choosing a Captain. Take notice of fringe players, and include them in your team too. They might very well prove to be the wildcard responsible for your eventual success.

Importance of the Toss

It is important to understand that a number of matches are played between teams that are unmatched in terms of their respective strength. In such cases, pay attention to who is going to bat first.

If the weaker team is batting first, choose bowlers from the stronger team, and all batsmen from the weaker team as such matches usually turn out to be low scoring affairs. On the other hand, having the stronger team bat first only means they will post a bigger score more consistently. In such cases, try to pick the top 5 batsmen from that team; pick one bowler from the weaker team who will take over bowling in the slog overs and can pick wickets at that time.

Naturally a weaker team will struggle to chase a high target. So having two bowlers from the stringed team will go miles in creating a perfect fantasy cricket team.

Submit Multiple Teams

Sometimes even the best fail at delivering on the field. This can result in a disappointing defeat. However, you can salvage such a situation by submitting multiple teams into the contest instead. The more teams you submit, the higher your chances of winning. Fantasy sports lineups builders can help you build multiple lineups for any contest. With the simple click of a button, these tools take raw projections and turn them into powerful, customizable lineups for any game format.

Pay Attention to Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors is crucial in winning these contests. Paying attention to your competitor's game can reveal winning strategies that can be mirrored and implemented in your own plan. As such, you will be able to draw out the patterns that will help you win.

Analyze Pitch Condition

Thorough research on the pitch condition, about how the pitch will help the bowlers (Faster or spinner), or batsmen is crucial for building lineups. You can research the ground history for the last 3-5 matches and make predictions accordingly. You can get Venue stats for almost every match on PerfectLineup, which will give you an idea about the score and count of wickets that could fall in the field.

Take Risks

Do not hesitate to swim against the tide. Only take calculated risks. Have one or two fringe players in an otherwise list of phenomenal players. Try to stay up-to-date with the latest news and information coming out. This will help you build a relatively strong strategy and an even more formidable team.

The Bottom Line

Winning in a fantasy sports contest is no child's play. It requires a lot of planning and intuitive strategy building practices to ace them. However, with the help of PerfectLineup, you will find yourself swimming in rewards and even more confident to bet on yourself every time these contests are rolled out.

So sign up now, put your game face on, and get ready to win big the next time you indulge in some fantasy gaming.

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