How Fantasy reality Tv can help you generate revenue and at the same time make it fun too?

In this highly-competitive environment of today Fantasy Reality Tv shows provide a huge opportunity to generate revenue from the platform and help to create a new business model for the makers.

In this highly-competitive environment of today, brands face tough times to make their presence felt. Fantasy Reality Tv shows provide a huge opportunity for show makers to generate revenue from the platform of the show. This helps create a new business model for the makers.

How significant is Gamification?

Gamification is the best way to motivate your target audience, be it your customers or your employees, to higher levels of engagement. We are all hard-wired in a way that we find pleasure in games & have this natural tendency that we will interact way deeply in the kind of activities that involve us in the gaming environment. With Gamification Audience is also targeted towards generating revenue through different ways.

Lets know more about Ad Revenue through Fantasy!

To get the show more popularity and increase the viewership, brands take sponsorship or display ads on the shows, this is the very fair practise productions houses are doing with shows over the television by showing Ads between the show. This Ads provides Revenue, which allows them to increase popularity and makes them money as well.

Same Traditional practise is now present in the Fantasy Model of the show, where Multiple Brands can provide sponsorship and can display digital content on the site. This allows brands to be recognised more with the show and also get the filtered audience which are truly dedicated and can increase marketing based on the audience liking.

Different types of the Add-On revenues!

1. Digital content : The content on the site for the podcast channel, media channel and youtube videos helps to increase more revenue by redirecting the viewers from the ads and taking them to their platforms to provide more related information about the show.

2. Sponsorship Banners : The Sponsors can have their banners on the platform where daily users get to see the Banner all the time with vital information on the website. This sponsor banner is spread around all over the site which is always in view of the audience. This gives a great content view and holds the best places on the website to run the ads and attract the viewers to the sponsor.

3. Market Store : The store Banner redirects users to the Merchandise site whereas makers can now display merchandise and advertise show related goods more to the users.This increases the reachability from fantasy site to merchandise store.

4. Paid Modal : With fantasy as gameplay, paid modules can be implemented in the system where users can pay some minimum subscription or pay minimum fee to unlock additional features and gain an upper hand over the other players; this also increases the revenue and provides more to the users.

Such Revenue Add-ons help to generate a good source of income which allow production houses to continue on the revenue generation and keep putting on more shows.

Branding the star of the shows!

With the Reality Tv format the show participants are becoming the wholesale of the brands of the shows which leverages more ads and brands connecting the shows, Sponsoring and Branding this stars on the platform with the Fantasy format allow both the Brands to grow and Help Participants to highlight on the fantasy and create revenue based on the brands and show deals.

Sponsorship on the Fantasy Platform!

With collaboration between brands, they like to display their product on the shows via the Ads, Banners or digital content. With the Fantasy platform, Brands can do that now in a much easier way with more engagement.

Sponsored brands can now be seen on the website with Banners which can help them to redirect to their own site for more detailed knowledge of the brands and product.

Sponsored brands can sponsor features on the product like booster or free transfer to highlight the brand and create a buzz around it with the dedicated viewers. This increases the interaction of brands through the show with the Audience.

All these features of revenue allow show producers to engage more audiences and generate a good revenue model and utilize the fantasy platform in the best way possible.


By now it must be quite clear that the opportunities offered by Fantasy Reality Tv software in the arena of marketing are immense. These fantasy sports software solutions work phenomenally as they have insightful user data and it works very much like influencer marketing & celebrity endorsement together at same time.

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