Handheld or Desktop? Find out what allures fantasy sports users/ players

Fantasy Sports: The switch from the conventional methods of playing to smart apps.

Fantasy sport is the new age gaming that allows players to have the thrill of actual games. It gives players a high since they are not spectators in the game, they are an active part of it. For many people, it’s a way to evoke excitement, for others it’s a serious hobby. Some people log on to fantasy sport applications in order to have fun with friends, others like the ritual fantasy league groups.

Just as there can be many reasons and preferences of fantasy sport players, there are several devices that these players use. A recent survey revealed that the time spent on applications by fantasy sports players increased to 64% in order to follow or play the games.

The millennial generation is way more familiar and comfortable with mobile applications and tablets than the older one. This is the generation that has diverted the internet traffic from desktop applications to mobile phones. The gaming applications still rule the mobile app economy with 45.4 billion downloads in 2015. And fantasy sports mobile applications are fast raising their share in this market. And it’s already begun since there’s an expectation of 24% of growth in the application market, and would reach $50.9bn in 2016.
An FSTA research said that while computers or desktops remain by far the most favourite platform for playing fantasy sports with 34% of players engaged in daily fantasy sports and 30% more than once a week. The percentage of fantasy players using a downloaded mobile application for playing fantasy sport was 24% and for playing more than once a week was 22% in 2015. At Least 23% of these players were using a website on their smart phone for playing daily fantasy sports while 20 % were using a fantasy sports web application on a tablet. Television is no less popular and it captures at least 19% of fantasy players who used Internet connected television like Google TV or any other Smart TV for playing daily fantasy sports. While the share of tablets was 18% for those using a downloaded fantasy sports application on tablets. At least 16% were using a gaming console, 15% were logging on to a screen-sharing device and 14% were using a streaming device such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc.

However, the same survey revealed that fantasy sports web applications on computer were declining in popularity and would probably be replaced by downloaded fantasy sports applications on a smart phone. Since the mobile screens of smartphones are increasing across most brands, it’s possible that the experience now is as thrilling for fantasy sports players as it is in case of web applications on a desktop.

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