Gamify your mobile app, engage users endlessly

Gamify your mobile app, engage users endlessly. The gamification of mobile applications that has so far proven to increase user interaction and brand loyalty.

Mobile applications either stay or leave. It’s simple, brutal and honest. There are no second chances. So application developers and startups constantly innovate and research to find newer ways to engage mobile app users incessantly.

One such idea is gamification of mobile applications that has so far proven to increase user interaction and brand loyalty. Gamification per say, however, is not a new concept. Some of the biggest brands have done in the past and today have adapted to the digital trends in order to do the trick. World leaders in their segment like Starbucks and American airlines give away reward point systems and game mechanics in their apps for longer user engagement.

Gamification makes your apps sticky

Gamification goes beyond the fear of uninstallations. It goes on to ensure that your users regularly interact and engage with your mobile application. In short, it makes them stick to your app. What’s interesting is the concept of gamification comes from user engagement in gaming applications that were the heart of mobile games earlier. Things such as leaderboards, rewards and prizes that once charmed the mobile game players have today proved to be successful for any application users as well.

Gamification tactics that always work

Just as mobile phones will never go out of fashion, there are some gamification techniques that, with little innovation, always charm users. Some of these are –
/ Reward points: Give them a donut in exchange for an action. Nothing motivates a user than this.
/ Cross levels: Play on today’s user’s psyche and make him stick with allowing him cross levels of merit or proficiency. Social network success is proof narcissism always works.
/ Leaderboards: These encourage competitiveness among the users.
/ Achievement lists: The reason why a lot of food recommendation apps get traction so quickly is because people like to challenge each other to visiting or trying dishes and keep a track of accomplishments. The same is true for any other app.
/ Encashing points: Pure reward points must have some kind of physical or virtual benefit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cash points, you can also reward users with digital goods like tips, information, tools etc.
/ Gifts: Users also love to gift good things to their friends and family. Make sure your app allows gifting. Remember, this is just another way to earn new users on to your app.
Today there are many gamification platforms such as Apple’s Game Center, Google’s Play Game Services, Amazon’s GameCircle available. Choose what best suits your users.


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