Targeting the European Market? Fantasy Soccer Software is all you need

Understanding fantasy sports and effective utilization of market tools to take over European market by storm.

Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport around the world, having a fan base of about 3.5 billion followers. And one of the main reasons contributing to that is the sheer quality of play and excitement that European leagues offer. They are hosts to some of the biggest names in the game – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris St. Germain, FC Porto to name a few – with massive crowds cheering for them.

However, fantasy soccer in Europe still lacks a major shark in the tank such as ‘FanDuel’ or ‘DraftKings’, giving opportunity to the smaller providers to create a dynamic and appealing fantasy soccer software. Here are some key points that every fantasy soccer software must incorporate to thrive in this lucrative market.

Be sure to cover most major leagues

There are plenty of popular soccer leagues among the European nations. UK and Spaintop the charts with their leagues like the ‘English Premier League’ (EPL) and La-Liga while the rest have their own such as‘Bundesliga’, ‘Serie-A’, ‘Ligue-1’, ‘Eredivisie’, and ‘Primeira-Liga’ to name a few. All these leagues have their very own official fantasy soccer leagues and are extremely popular in their respective countries. By allowing the fans to select their preferred league of choice, all less than one platform, lets you get ahead of your competitors.

Choosing the right software provider

If you don’t already have your own fantasy soccer mobile application development team, be sure to select a software provider that is apt for your ideas. Start by surveying the market of fantasy software providers and explore their products. For example, Vinfotech is a leading brand in the realm of fantasy software development having many satisfied and successful clients under their belt – Grinta, Maximo Avance, PlayZo, Arabian Gulf League – to name a few.
A good fantasy software provider must be capable of providing a variety of game modes ranging from daily and weekly games – Guaranteed, Uncapped, Pick-em’, Head-Head, 50-50 – whose results are obtained by the end of the day/week, to season long games – Standard draft, Live draft, Offline draft, Auto-pick, Auction draft – where results are generated at the end of the entire season.
Add exciting new modes to your list, like the ‘snake draft’ – player-by-player drafting process with a back and forth, round by round draft order – or the ‘keeper’s league’ – one or more players remain through the entirety of the season. You can also include predictions games, similar to sports betting, onto your platform since betting/gambling is completely legal all-around Europe.

Get a hold of data feed providers

Data feed providers are the backbone to any fantasy sports league since they provide all the vital information needed to update live-scoring and also give in-game stats, all while the games are still in progress. Some of the prominent data feed providers dominating the European market are Fantasy Data LLC, OPTA, Stats Inc., and Sports Radar, each delivering a diverse range of stats.
Depending on the sport, each of these data feed providers offer a wide range of feeds and services like Pre/Post-Game stats, In-Game stats, Player Projections, and even Predictive Analytical Data. Most of the feed comes primarily in two formats, namely – XML or JSON. Hence it is important to take into consideration the compatibility of your platform with data feed providers.

Now that we have given you a broad perspective of all the necessary things you must adhere to, are you ready to capture the European market?

  • A lucrative market with unexplored potential
  • Focusing on fantasy mobile application creation
  • Important role of discussion threads in the game
  • Incorporating brand promotion and marketing

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