Season-long NFL fantasy football platform is a long-term business

Season-long NFL fantasy football platform is for the long haul, both in terms of monetary gains and branding.

A season-long NFL fantasy football website is for fun, to say the least. It offers a wide variety of draft types, game-plays and has thrills spread out in the season as well as post-season. There’s a reason why draft parties are so popular because they are mostly held by season-long NFL fantasy football players who are possibly playing each other for years.

As the National Football League (NFL) season kicks off in September, businesses have a golden opportunity of a “business tease” . That means they can create pre-season buzz on their fantasy football website, engage users throughout the NFL season, create interesting new games during Super Bowl and event finale and then create fantasy leagues post-season.

What makes season-long NFL a lucrative business?

NFL fan base is growing worldwide. NFL is massive. There are 32 teams, it’s five months long season, there are 1,696 players which gives a variety of options to fantasy football users. Add to that the fact that over 17 million people in America alone play American football. This makes NFL the king of fantasy sports business. NFL fantasy football websites focused on season-long games are able to engage users for the entire year because most people are in it for fun compared to users of daily fantasy sports. Here are some features that make season-long NFL a great business proposition.

# 1 Variety of drafts

There are mainly three kinds of drafts that are offered in season-long games. They are snake drafts, straight drafts and auction drafts. The keeper and dynasty leagues also make it deeply engaging. Entrepreneurs wanting to create season-long NFL football website can also opt for UK season-long or US season-long to further increase options for users.

# 2 Average draft position

Season-long truly tests both users’ knowledge and passion for NFL. Users can utilize the Average Draft Position (ADP) to their advantage, they can manipulate the way their draft pans out based off of how others would value certain players as against how users themselves value those players. A user’s strategy depends on value via ADP like players falling in drafts owing to injuries or sneaky rookies nobody else is convinced would pay off but a user may think they would.  

# 3 Good time period to draft

Season-long attracts seasoned as well as new players also because users get ample period to research, think and change their drafts. Users may spend weeks or even months preparing their drafts and that also opens windows of inviting friends and peers on to the platform.

# 4 Scope for rewards

If you are smart, you will not make your users wait for the entire season before they win something. Several season-long NFL websites carry weekly cash prizes or side-bets like best record or most number of points etc.

# 5 Fantasy NFL is every fan’s need

Millennials born in the 80s and 90s grew up watching legends like Tony Dorsett, Dallas Cowboys or Danny White. Their obsession for NFL now is such that they cannot miss a single chance of knowing their favourite players up, close and personal. Fantasy NFL websites give them a platform to choose their favourite players and make their own fantasy leagues. This generation cannot imagine watching NFL without playing the fantasy version of it. As a result, it opens up monetization opportunities for a fantasy NFL football website or platform.

# 6 Fantasy NFL connects people

There may be an NFL fan sitting in California who may be interacting with his counterpart sitting in North Carolina. NFL as a brand holds value in uniting people which automatically makes it a patriotic game. Therefore, investing in a season-long NFL fantasy football platform is both lucrative and lasting.

# 7 Post-season play-off challenge

If fans could help it, they would not let NFL season go away. They are obsessed, it’s their life. When users play season-long fantasy NFL, it involves a lot of the same people year in and out. Entrepreneurs can make every week of the fantasy football post-season matter. They can use a post-season fantasy league as a way of letting the users determine their draft order for future league drafts. Users who think, say Eddie Lacy should have been their pick back in the summer or CJ Anderson didn’t perform as expected – will want a second chance at these players. They would want these players to perform as expected in a post-season league. Users can still play the Playoff challenge of NFL even when the season is over.

Successful NFL-focused season-long platforms

Vinfotech has created quite a few season-long NFL-focused fantasy football websites. These platforms did wonders for their owners because they turned out to be profitable for the entire year not just the NFL season. Clients experimented with gameplays, drafting techniques, rewards and points and demographics in order to attract a large chunk of users. Let us examine some of these:

# 1 Fan Playoff

Fan Playoff was a project by Joey Levy who is a sports lover from the United States and is the co-founder of noted fantasy sports platforms such as WinFlow and Draftpot. Fanplayoff is a fantasy sports platform having playoff season-long games that included snake drafting method. This application became a hit from the day one as users loved the games and the reward system so much.

# 2 All Pro Draft

This is a unique season-long NFL focused fantasy sports platform in Canada. It offers a combination of standard, keeper & dynasty leagues. Since there are millions of NFL fantasy sports players in Canada, the application successfully catered to this demographic with its unique offering. It is a balanced offering of free public and private leagues in addition to cost-effective private commissioner leagues which are customized through a powerful league manager product.

# 3 Maximo Avance

Máximo Avance was created for NFL fans in Mexico as a fantasy football alternative, addressed to fans who are looking to be more engaged in an exciting way with their favorite football teams from the LFA and NFL. This season-long fantasy sports application involved standard with H2H season-long games.

# 4 MB fantasy

Millionaire Bucket Fantasy Football League is a season-long fantasy platform with a game that utilizes the best features of the original NFL league and other leagues in the industry. It offers multiple chances to win serious money so the players are always motivated to play more.

Vinfotech has an equipped team that understand season-long games and the users who play these games. With an experience of more than eight years of creating several kinds of fantasy sports website & mobile application development, we know what it takes to make a successful fantasy football website or mobile app. Since NFL is around the corner, you can benefit from the season frenzy and create a season-long application. Give us a call.

  • Season-long NFL fantasy platform offers more variety of drafts and leagues
  • Season-long players get a long time to draft, hence are engaged for a long haul
  • These games offer a wide scope of rewards and engagement methods
  • Year-long and post-season play-offs make it lucrative

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