How sports partnerships would evolve in 2019?

Sports leagues and associations are today the most sought-out demographic to engage fans and users. See what changed in 2018 that’s leading up to transform 2019.

The year 2018 paved completely new ways of partnerships in the sports industry. While the foundations of this trend were laid years ago, it was only in 2018 it became clear that the sports industry is where any brand and every brand can truly benefit. This for the simple reason that despite the variety of sports leagues and teams the world has to offer, each sport boasts of a solid fan following. Investing in teams, leagues or specific sports brands or even fantasy sports applications is a no-questions-asked profitable deal. Before we delve into how such partnerships would evolve in 2019, let’s take a look at some significant partnerships that set it all in motion in 2018 –

# 1 Arsenal and Adidas

Mind you that while Arsenal has improved performances in the last few years, it is still much behind in popularity with teams such as Chelsea, Manchester United or Liverpool. Yet, Adidas chose Arsenal for a record $380 million, five-year kit sponsorship deal. What’s significant is that this deal is the 3rd biggest kit sponsorship tie-up in the Premier League history, after Manchester United and Chelsea. The deal also marked Adidas’ return to Arsenal after almost three decades while Arsenal got almost 100% rise on the Puma contract that they signed in 2014.

# 2 La Liga and Facebook

In a one-of-a-kind deal where Facebook refused to disclose the exact amount of the buying rights, the social network giant bought the rights to live stream La Liga matches for fans in the Indian subcontinent. This means Facebook will show these games to 348 million users for free.

# 3 Tencent and Dream 11

China’s biggest gaming and social media company Tencent led an investment deal in Indian fantasy sports platform Dream 11. The total investment of $100 million was jointly made by Tencent and venture capital firm Kalaari capital and private equity firm Multiples Alternate Asset Management.

# 4 PGA tour and Twitter

The Professional Golfer’s Association expanded its partnership with Twitter to live stream close to 140 hours of action for free for the latter’s users. This coverage spanned across 28 tournaments part of which happened in 2018 and shall continue in 2019.


What does this mean for sports partnerships in 2019?

#1 Social media is the new TV for sports

Both the deals from social media giants Facebook and Twitter we mentioned above point to a clear trend – people are going to watch sports for free through these channels now. This is a trend that’s bound to pick up since the live streaming is going to be free. Sports fans will hog on to these social media channels – an obvious strategy to increase both users and engagement for these giants. Expect huge screens, drive-in cafes live streaming La Liga or PGA tournaments in 2019.

# 2 More investment from all sides

Most big businesses have their own social media accounts and solid fan presence which may result in more investments in sports leagues, fantasy sports applications, and sports teams. Just as is evident from the renewal of kit sponsorship deal between Adidas and Arsenal, more merchandise and sports product brands would invest in teams and leagues for deeper fan loyalty and increase in sales. This may also attract related industries to show interest in investing in sports.

# 3 Fantasy sports platforms would multiply

There’s no stopping the fantasy sports industry now as more and more brands come forward to increase fan engagement. With people watching matches via live streaming, they may be more likely to play fantasy games online.

# 4 Sports merchandise may see a spurt

Sports teams, leagues, and associations will promote their merchandise through social media channels like never before. Of course, they are already doing this but you may now find ecommerce plug-ins on their social media channels apart from the option of shopping while you are watching the live streamed matches. Sounds crazy? There’s a good possibility.

PBL partners with Vinfotech

Vinfotech, world’s leading fantasy sports app development company, received two solid partnerships in 2018. Vinfotech signed a partnership with Pro Badminton League for creating a fantasy sports app around its badminton tournaments. It was interesting to see a badminton league thinking forward and initiating a fantasy app built around its gaming format. In the world of fantasy sports application development, these partnerships are decisive as they reflect on the changing trends in the sports industry.

If you are considering to join hands with Vinfotech to start a fantasy sports business, feel free to contact us.

  • Social media is emerging to be the new TV
  • Sports merchandise brands may use social media more for sales
  • Fantasy sports apps are likely to multiply
  • More people will watch the games via live streaming

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