Media houses can attract millennials through fantasy sports

The traditional tools of media are not able to meet the demands of ‘mobile-first’ generation. Fantasy sports can aide OTT platforms and other media to provide a personalized experience.

How do millennials engage with sports?

The millennial generation has been upended with technology on their fingerprints. The traditional approach of engaging with sports through traditional media such as cable operators and TV sets are on the verge of being obsolete for a significant percentage of the millennial generation. The shift, though revolutionary, has been a gradual process. The advent of advanced technology, digitalization and a culture of sharing economy have been contributing towards the unique metamorphosis. Consequently, the millennial engagement with sports has also witnessed a marvelous shift, with a lot of millennials gauging information related to sports on their mobile phones and other handy gadgets and tools.

The fact that a lot of information is just a tap or a touch away has been contributing towards the rise of an era in which millennials have the ease to engage with sports in a fraction of time and a more connected manner. However, this does not imply that traditional media is dead for the millennial generation. The pitfall is the dearth of advanced and innovative features in traditional media. The key to tap the millennial generation is to redefine the game by incorporating modern tools so that the millennials can resonate in a better way.

Why millennials are important for the growth of media houses?

America alone has eighty million millennials, which represent about a fourth of the entire population. Apart from the fact that millennials make up for a major chunk of the population in most of the economies, it is also true that they are the trend-setters and priority consumers for most services and products. When it comes to media consumption, many millennials consume traditional media but they no longer adhere to it for all the information that they consume related to sports and other dimensions.

The fact that millennials have grown up in a tech-savvy age with a huge chunk of information surrounding them all the time makes it clear that in order to keep them engaged traditional tools cannot suffice. The modern day sports fans are not just fans but consumers of sports content. They access and involve with sports content in multiple ways and they inevitably prefer access of information on an ‘anytime-anywhere’ basis. The digital native audience is not only tech-savvy but is also an age of on-demand. Fantasy sports solutions can offer customized and disruptive solutions which cater to the demands of viewers in a more personalized way.

Fantasy sports is a perfect way to access and engage with such data as they gear viewers with great flexibility and feasibility. Fantasy sports is a unique and modern-day tool to keep up with the proliferation of digital media. Not only are fantasy sports capable of creating unprecedented levels of engagement but they can also leverage technology such as OTT platforms in order to keep up with the digital transformation.

Shift in sports media consumption from ‘live stadium +TV’ to ‘live stadium +OTT platform’

There is a massive disruption in the sports media consumption due to the emergence of new technologies and a niche market for the global sports industry. The emergence of high-speed internet and rise in the number of smartphone-users globally have inevitably affected the sports media consumption. Today, the viewers have more concrete reasons than ever to rely on OTT platforms such as Voot and smartphones to consume sports-related information than being exclusively dependent on traditional media. This is quite evident by the fact that there has been a significant rise in the percentage of cord-cutting in the past few decades. Now is the time for the media houses to gear up to tap technology and features that have the capability to provide a ‘highly personified, immersive experience’ to sports media viewers.

Delivery of sports content directly to the viewers through digital or OTT services was once seen as the coming-of-age alternative for live TV and other traditional media sources. However, now, Fantasy sports can gear up the media houses to tap in the attention of the users in a more personalized manner. Not only will they help the viewers to establish a direct engagement with a particular sports but it will also enable them to gain decent profits by employing their skills and knowledge.

How Vinfotech can help?

Vinfotech, a global leader in daily or season-long fantasy sports website design & development, is a one-of-a kind platform that can provide unique offerings and innovative fantasy sports solutions. Our deep fantasy sports expertise can help to build a unique platform that will have various placeholders for sponsors. We excel at creating a single comprehensive app, offering, fantasy sports and in-app news access. It offers the readers an ease to consume news from the line up page and player card page. It can help you integrate sports with your specific products or create a completely new platform that directly links the game with your organization. vFantasy is our framework for fantasy sports software and proven to build world-class fantasy sports website and mobile applications.
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  • The key to tap the millennial generation is to incorporate advanced tools
  • America alone has eighty million millennials
  • Emergence of new technologies have disrupted the sports media consumption
  • Media houses need to gear up to provide an immersive experience to sports media consumers

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