Launch your NFL fantasy football website before the season starts

NFL’s new season kicks off in September while fantasy football players gear up to play while the season lasts. This is the time to quickly launch an NFL fantasy website.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was recently in China for the NFL FLAG press conference at Skyway Jing’An Training Center. He addressed hundreds of children, youth flag athletes during his tour and the enthusiasm from Chinese NFL fans was contagious. The Shanghai American Football Association launched Football Federation – an occasion graced by Russell himself.

The National Football League (NFL) that challenges 32 teams in the game of American Football isn’t American or on-field-only anymore. It’s brewing gradually to be a worldwide phenomenon as NFL fantasy football spreads the message around. American football lovers are growing in millions and if Russell’s China visit is any indication, it may soon become a household name in Asian countries too.

Come September 2018 and the 99th season of NFL would commence launching on September 6th with the NFL Kickoff Game to be hosted by the defending Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles. The five-month long season would conclude on February 3rd 2019 with the league’s championship game called Super Bowl LIII.
The historic NFL 2018 draft and fantasy football

Fantasy sports and drafts are a big deal in American in the context of NFL.  The NFL Drafts are actually annual meetings of NFL franchises in order to select newly eligible players for the new season of the games. What made the 2018 NFL draft historic was that it was held in a stadium. The 2018 NFL draft was held between April 26 and 28 2018 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Fantasy football websites and mobile apps make fantasy drafting equally interesting. This is precisely why fans host draft parties, leagues sponsor draft parties and encourage people to play more fantasy football. The NFL fantasy football websites and mobile applications have made Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson household names in America. Every fantasy football player dreams of having these in their fantasy football leagues. NFL drafts are phenomena today so much that holding of draft sessions are public events that are marketed and advertised.  There are several fantasy football applications that are only based on drafting and manage to earn considerable revenues just revolving around drafts.

What makes NFL lucrative for fantasy football business?

Close to 1 million Americans of all age-groups play American football. It is every American teen’s dream to make it to one of the NFL leagues someday.  NFL’s total league revenue was UDD 13.16 billion in 2017. The NFL team with the highest revenue is Dallas Cowboys with USD 840 million while the average franchise value of NFL teams is USD 2.52 billion. The Dallas Cowboys also have the highest number of followers on Facebook. At least 136.37 million people watched NFL in 2017.

White Label NFL Fantasy Football Website Development by Vinfotech

So, shouldn’t businesses promote and advertise their products as much as they can during NFL and especially super bowl? Two facts that stand out –
/ A 30-second TV ad during Super bowl broadcast costs USD 5 million
/ Estimated Super bowl related consumer spending in the US in 2018 is USD 15.3 billion

Create a white label fantasy football website this NFL

A win-win situation during the five-month long NFL season is to build a white label NFL fantasy football software that saves your advertising money while gives returns quickly. The white label NFL fantasy football app takes much less time and cost and is a readymade business proposition for the season.

NFL offers so much variety and span of time for engagement that any NFL fantasy football website can hit the jackpot the first time. This is because the season is spread across five months and there are 32 teams. Along with the usual stages of NFL, the Superbowl offers enough scope for creating interesting drafts, gameplays to keep users coming on your fantasy football website. The utility of NFL-based fantasy football software does not end with five seasons. There are several ways and gameplays to engage your audience throughout the year.

Here are some options to get a white label fantasy football solution –
# Daily or season-long: You may opt for a white label fantasy software that allows you to have options for daily as well as season-long and custom weekly games.

# Free to play or paid games: You can create a fantasy football application that’s free to play or allows for fantasy betting.

Benefits of opting for white label fantasy football solution on NFL

1 Roll out fantasy football website in time

Since NFL is just round the corner, you can save time by opting for a white label solution for fantasy football website. Understand the uniqueness of user interface has 50% of contribution in its success. If you roll out the app in time, promote it to relevant users and manage to get attention, your fantasy football website is bound to succeed.

2 Low investment, high returns

When the application rolls out quickly, it already contributes immensely in saving the cost. Besides, a white label solution for NFL-based fantasy football software is already a low-risk investment that’s guaranteed to give you returns. NFL is a demographic that engages millions of people throughout the year. When you launch a fantasy football website in season, you will already have earned your ROI within a few months.

3 Monetization with ads

Your fantasy football website can be a free-to-play platform that you can easily monetize through advertising revenues.

Vinfotech has an exclusive white label fantasy sports software centered around NFL. Our team has achieved several successful in NFL fantasy app development and excels in development of such platforms. With no or little customization, you can create an NFL fantasy football website with a strong back-end and guaranteed returns. Do check out our portfolio and give us a call.

  • 70% Americans consider themselves fans of football
  • NFL’s total season attendance is 17.26 million
  • Estimated Superbowl related consumer spending in the US in 2018 is USD 15.3 billion
  • A win-win situation during the five-month long NFL season is to build a white label NFL fantasy football software

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