Fantasy sports in Kenya: A fantastic opportunity

A considerable number of football fans, FIFA frenzy on the offing and millions of internet users - Kenya has every ingredient for being a lucrative fantasy sports market.

The Republic of Kenya, although a relatively small nation with a population of approximately 50 million, has the largest economy by GDP in the east and central Africa. On the web though, Kenya is more populous than many other countries having more population than Kenya. This is because of the high internet penetration of 89.4% the nation has achieved, which is 3rd highest among the top 25 countries as per number of internet users. Similar to many African countries, football is the most popular sport, meaning that coupled with the high internet penetration, fantasy football software development for Kenya guarantees a good user-base.

Football in Kenya is a way of life

Sports is imbibed in the Kenyan culture. Their dominance in middle and long distance races is the result of a culture that encourages athleticism. Football is the most popular sport in Kenya, and Kenyan Premier League the most popular national sport event. Kenyan Premier League, in its current format, is contested between 16 clubs and is followed nationwide. A league match between Gor Mahia and A.F.C. Leopards, the two most famous clubs, brings the whole country to a standstill. Maurice Ochieng, a retired player who played for Gor Mahia, is still revered for his ferocious strikes, and still holds the record for most goals in a single season. Maurice hit 26 goals in the 1976 season, and not surprisingly, Gor Mahia won the season, one of their 18 titles. When entrepreneurs think of creating a fantasy football website around Kenyan Premier League, they might be creating a platform for the most die-hard fans of record-breaking players.

The Premier league, sitting at the top of the league system, is not the only competition. Popularity of football in Kenya is so huge that Kenyan Football has a six-tier division system with hundreds of clubs and thousands of players, followed religiously by millions of fans. Football events from all over the world find their place in daily discussions between friends and co-workers. Be it a FIFA event, or the English/Spanish Premier leagues, they all find a large number of followers in Kenya. These discussions can always be channelised through a fantasy football platform or software.

Fantasy football for Kenya: A win-win deal

The large internet penetration in Kenya, coupled with Kenya’s love for football, makes Kenya an ideal candidate to entrepreneurs and developers looking to create a fantasy football website or app. Fans want a way to get more involved in the game, a way to compete among themselves, and to be able to show their love for the game online and their knowledge of it. Football is a part of life for the nation, and bringing the experience online, giving the fans a way to get even more involved, will give entrepreneurs a large user-base who wants just that.

With the 2018 FIFA world cup just round the corner, an eagerly awaited event in Kenya, this is the time for creating a fantasy football website or a fantasy football software that allows the fans to engage with fellow fans and compete with them. Fans no longer are content with looking at the match and fantasizing what could have been, they want to create their own teams and play with other fans even as the match is in progress. Finding a way to give the fans a right platform online, although a challenge, is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs. Vinfotech, with years of experience in creating fantasy software, can help you create the best platform for the event. More on that later.

Kenyan laws on fantasy sports

Fantasy sports in Kenya are legal but not yet regulated. Since fantasy sports platforms do not engage in gambling, which is based on luck, it is perfectly legal to play fantasy sports in Kenya. Entrepreneurs have a big opportunity to create a profitable business here by creating a fantasy sports/football software for Kenya.
Vinfotech, being at the forefront of fantasy football app development, is upto the challenge and is ready to help you conquer it.

Fantasy football app is the need of Kenyan internet users

The 2018 FIFA world cup will be played in Russia from 14th June to 15th July, and will be followed by billions of fans across the world. And now the sports world is at the forefront of technology. While the World Cup will have 32 teams playing to win the event, fantasy sports platforms make each fan his own team manager. Building such a platform, for the world’s most followed and most popular sporting event, ensures millions of users who can field their own team and compete against each other for the cup. Vinfotech, the world leader in fantasy sports app development, has built several projects as part of their fantasy football app development.

vFantasy, Vinfotech’s fantasy sports software, is the world’s best building fantasy sports, helping us serve customers with customized fantasy sports website design and development requests. Vinfotech especially helps you make the product more engaging and fun. be it for a professional fantasy football player or an amateur. Vinfotech is a design thinking company that has has built fantasy soccer apps focussing on user demographics. Some examples are AllProdraft for Canada; Dribbly for Mexico demographics. Vinfotech can be your partners not only in fantasy football software development but also in helping you get initial set of users. Is FIFA on your mind or are you considering a fantasy football software for users in Kenya? Give us a call.

  • With 89.4% internet penetration, Kenya has got close to 50 million internet users
  • Kenya is a sport loving country, and they love football the most
  • Fantasy sports are gaining popularity in Kenya
  • With FIFA world cup round the corner, football frenzy will grow even more
  • Time is ripe for a fantasy football league focusing on Kenya

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