How fantasy sports software can revolutionize virtual experiential marketing?

Fantasy sports offer a highly personalized and engaging experience to the consumers. Read how it is being used for virtual experiential marketing.

A decade ahead from now, the brands will be required to shift their focus from brand awareness to experience in order to stay ahead in the curve of consumer journey. When we refer to 'experience' in terms of marketing, it means delivery of a consumer experience of the service or a product. If we go back to the memory lane, brands such as Red Bull, Adidas, and Mountain Dew etc. have successfully devised experiential marketing techniques to gauge seamless PR, brand exposure and increased sales.

One such campaign around experiential marketing was Mountain Dew's 43-days long 'guerrilla tour. A team of 15 brand ambassadors drove around the UK in a Mountain Dew truck, targeting consumers, encouraging them to try Mountain Dew Energy. They also hosted lucrative giveaways and competitions providing free samples to people. Consequently, 55% of people targeted by the event went on to purchase a Mountain Dew. Among these, more than a third were new purchasers.

What is experiential marketing?

Today, more than ever, it has become very important for brands to establish a one-on-one interaction with the consumers. The consumers should feel a part of the brand experience. Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that employs a direct engagement of a consumer by encouraging them to participate in the brand evolution. It helps the consumer to have an immersive experience of the products and services offered by a brand. Collectively, these changes will be as impactful as traditional advertising campaigns in purchase decisions.

The trend of experiential marketing has been on an incessant rise. Not only does it help in marketing a product or a service through direct user-engagement with the brand, but the interactive experiences also reinforce the purchase of the product. In an era of Internet and other technologically advanced tools, what is important for brands is to be mindful of the consumer understanding and insight.

How virtual experiential marketing help brands get user-engagement?

The tech-enabled modern tools have already geared up the competition when it comes to virtual experiential marketing. It is essential for the brands to expand their digital partnerships and be well-versed with the opportunities that come handy. Digital-first brands are generally better attuned to the needs of their consumers. With the help of virtual experiential marketing, these brands can create an engaging experience for their target audience with the help of various digital tools.

Ikea's UK store sleepover in its Essex store where almost 10,000 people actually spent a night in the warehouse is one of the examples of a revolutionary marketing campaign aimed at providing a real time experience to people. However, when it comes to looking for a feasible alternative to virtual experiential marketing, a win-win proposition to provide a brand experience to consumers could be a fantasy sports software.

Fantasy sports serve as perfect alternative to virtual experiential marketing

The brand activation through a fantasy sport increases up to 74% as compared to regular activation. This reflects the huge impact of fantasy sports on the audiences. No other platform can beat a fantasy sports website or application, integrated with personalized themes and features, in helping the consumer get an immersive experience. By allowing people to get lucrative offers, seek wins, become owners of the teams, fantasy sports offer them great fun and an engaging experience. In the age of Internet, the universe of opportunities for fantasy sports, which are cost-effective and gives better results, is increasing every day.

Vinfotech excels at creating world's best Fantasy sports software, marketing platforms for brands, media companies and startups. Our products are designed in a way to provide a highly engaging experience to the consumers, helping the brands tap right opportunities to succeed in the highly competitive digital era. Our world class fantasy sports platform can change the game of experiential marketing.

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  • The consumers should feel as a part of the brand experience
  • The trend of experiential marketing has been on an incessant rise
  • The tech-enabled modern tools have already geared up the competition when it comes to virtual experiential marketing
  • Digital-first brands are generally better attuned to the needs of their consumers

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