Fantasy sports are self-promotional, thus makes a great marketing and advertising alternative

Fantasy sports helps customers to establish an engaging, helpful and a memorable association with the brand.

It can be an overwhelming experience for brands to succeed in a tech-savvy world which is changing perpetually every other second. Modern tools and new technology has already pushed the basic and traditional behind. Companies are well-versed with this persistent pressure, hence to survive in the age of digital revolution they push themselves to seek an edge over innovation.

To establish themselves as premium brands, to offer exclusive experiences to their customers, it is quintessential for brands to come up with exciting and innovative marketing techniques. Most brands use different advertising and marketing strategies to maximize brand association of customers. They overtly make an effort to be on their customer's latest news feed.

Choosing a right strategy for your marketing and advertising

In a quest to reach prospective customers, most brands chase every possible marketing strategy and often end up entertaining the ones that are heavy on their pockets. Despite the costs involved, these marketing strategies do not guarantee relevance to customer's interest which is of prime importance for any brand. Moreover, because of so many brand positions and plethora of campaigns for each brand, the risk of these marketing strategies becoming diluting in a long run increases.

This also affects the budget allocations of the brands. Therefore, brands are required to use strategic marketing which can churn out awareness, loyalty and desire towards their products or services. What can be better than tapping something like fantasy sports which is already a huge success among most customers? The promotion and marketing done with the help of a fantasy sport platform is done in a way that helps customers to connect with a specific brand directly.

The attempt for an impactful marketing - Succeed quite well!

During super bowl-NFL finals, Volvo promoted itself in an endearing, clever, attention seeking manner. It asked stadium attendees to tweet its hashtag #VolvoContest and tag a friend whenever they see any car brands ad on the big stadium screen. By doing so, Volvo successfully increased the brand awareness it was earlier lacking in the US market. This was a brilliant way of marketing without spending much directly on the advertising during the Super Bowl. Such marketing tactics and strategies helps customers to establish an engaging, helpful and a memorable association with the brand.

It’s not easy to pick a marketing alternative that’s broadly relevant. Volvo found one, owned it and did exceptionally well at it. Fantasy sports is one such marketing alternative. Brands can take advantage of the self-promotional quality of fantasy sports that engages customers and furthers brand promotion simultaneously.

Digital giants are entering the exciting world of fantasy sports, capturing the attention of gamers. The universal popularity of fantasy sports will explode in long haul. In the US and Canada alone, fantasy sports world enjoys a whopping 56.8 million active players. The demographics of sports-crazed gamers have been rising tremendously. The development of fantasy sports has been phenomenal. 72% of millennials are fantasy football fans. Fantasy sports has the capability to gauge attention of prospective customers in one fell swoop.

Fantasy sports in your marketing strategy mix

Fantasy sports provide an immersing experience to the customers as they directly engage with it to win the game, other associated rewards and high-end benefits such as cash wins. The effect of fantasy sports is psychographic. The reach of fantasy sports is phenomenally huge. Imagine the effect of marketing on such a platform which has such high radar. The self promotional quality of fantasy sports can very well work in favour of a particular brand. Despite the fact that the fantasy sports have considerably higher reach than other alternatives of targeted marketing, they are highly cost-effective.

The popularity of fantasy sports is contingent. Most fantasy sports players are likely to discuss about the game with their friends and acquaintances. They can gauge attention of a customer in a short span of time. Thus, if a brand choose fantasy sports as a marketing strategy, what can be better than this. They are capable of capturing prospective consumer's attention in no time.Fantasy sports, as marketing alternatives, are highly time-savvy.

Vinfotech for your fantasy sports

Vinfotech is the world leader when it comes to creating perfect fantasy sports solutions for any brand. We excel at creating fantasy sports app development for our clients considering their target audience and expectations. Our team uses its expertise and years of experience to offer best products to our clients that can help them in marketing and promotion.

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  • Modern tools and new technology has already pushed the basic and traditional behind
  • It is quintessential for brands to come up with exciting and innovative marketing techniques
  • The promotion and marketing done with fantasy sport platform is in a way that helps customers to connect with a specific brand directly
  • The effect of fantasy sports is psychographic

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