Fantasy Sports: The Brand-Sports Fan Connector

In this blog, read how to keep the sports fan adhered to the brand by mixing fantasy sports to live match viewing

We set out on a journey to discover the value of Fantasy sports for brands and we learned a lot from sports fan habits to impact on brands through sports. Today we bring in to you a synopsis of what we got to know!

Where does a brand connect with sports (fans)?

Brands constantly await some or other sports events to advertise about them. Sports events are considered a fantastic way of branding and promotions by the brands. Thus, brands rely a lot on their visibility during a sports event for marketing on a global level and expecting increased product demands (which all would ultimately result in increased sales).

Why sports fans view live matches?

Bored with the daily life routine, sports fan finds match viewing always refreshing! With every new action leading to a surprising result makes the live match viewing more fun-filled!

How are sports fans getting away from live match viewing?

Whether it’s sitting in a stadium or sitting in front of TV sets, sports fans, typically millennials, compromise their passion for sports due to their some or other professional or personal commitment. Constant compromises result in turning a ‘passionate sports fan’ in a ‘disengaged sports fan’.

What to do for engaging the ‘disengaged sports fan’ again?

As we set a reminder to stay informed about something similarly there’s a need to create a task that should make live match viewing a priority!
Fantasy sports allows a person to choose players like general managers of the team and offering them to make and submit lineup on a daily basis can evoke the absolute sense of urgency among the sports fans.

Thus, to conclude, for any brand, sponsoring a sports event as a marketing strategy is no more a rocket science! Brands should own a fantasy sports platform to keep the sense of urgency for the sports in the sports fans. With shifting trends there is a huge possibility that even small brands can achieve greater return on their marketing investment by offering fantasy sports along with live match viewing on TV sets.

You can contact us to discuss how you can own a fantasy sports software to take your experiential marketing a step up and ahead!

  • 46 percent of people buy a product promoted by their favourite sports club
  • Men are as influenced by an ad of sportsperson as Women are influenced by an ad of Heroine
  • Fantasy sports mixed with marketing strategies can cause wonders to live match viewing
  • Brands see an increased sale by 31 percent during sports event

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