How fantasy sports helps in building relationship with consumers?

Fantasy sports based on popular sports such as football can help brands to develop better relationship with consumers.

A significant 58 percent of all Americans accept football as their beloved sports. The global appeal of the sports is well-documented and so is its popularity among fans and followers. The legacy and the passion of football continue without any reduction in intensity or strength. The sponsorship spending on the professional football league is increasing every year.

Huge money involved in the sports leagues are intertwined with popularity, brand campaigns and massive fan-engagement. Football events and leagues involve all the big brand names from automotive to telecom industry. It is no wonder that each one of them run myriad marketing strategies to leave no stone unturned to gauge football fans and build relationship with them across the globe. Though a little marketing mojo can help to leverage some positive developments, it is not a sure shot affirmation of customer loyalty and a strong footing in the industry.

Here is how fantasy football helps develop relationship with consumers-

The rising popularity of football

The popularity of football among fans has been rising on an unprecedented level. Now, the question arises how to develop consequential relationship with consumers and stakeholders in such a highly competitive milieu? The average attendance of people during a football league is higher compared to other sports. During 2014 FIFA World Cup, the average attendance per game was 53,592. A total of 3.43 million people watched the 64 games of the World Cup live in the stadium.

Helps customers gain revenue

The fantasy sports associated with events such as FIFA World Cup brings out equally high percentage of revenue for the brands and fans. There has been a persistent growth in the numbers of fans directly engaging with the leagues and events through daily, weekly and season-long fantasy sports type.

Provides live-sports experience to fans

Fantasy football softwares help to increase loyalty towards the sports across boundaries. In this age of fragmentation, sports events such as FIFA still get a pure live viewership. Brands can take advantage of this situation and connect with customers with the help of fantasy sports companies which are thoroughly dedicated to maximizing the live-sports experience for the fans.

Amplifies brand value

Fantasy sports help in amplifying the brand value through digital properties as well as in-game exposure. With the popularity of fantasy sports growing every day in the digital realm, brands can build strong relationship with the consumers by providing them an engaging experience.

Fantasy football applications are feasible

White label fantasy football software, daily fantasy football applications are cost-efficient for brands. They have the potential to yield better engagement and revenue as compared to what regular marketing and advertising can offer. It is a popular medium among the targeted audience. There are already more than 72 million fantasy sports players and the numbers are only getting better.

Engage demographics in large numbers

The fact that fantasy sports have the potential to engage demographics in large numbers cannot be denied. Brands can develop strong relationship with this audience by building the best fantasy football based on FIFA and other popular leagues.

Vinfotech specializes in fantasy football app development. Be it season-long fantasy football software or daily type, we can develop fantasy football solutions of all kinds. We cover a bouquet of football leagues and can cater to markets across the globe. Vinfotech provides best in class white label fantasy football software and completely custom built fantasy football application.

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  • In North America, 1 in 5 people play fantasy sports, 73 percent of which are playing fantasy football
  • 70 percent of all fantasy players pay entry fee to participate in a contest
  • Among all fantasy sports enthusiasts every third is a woman
  • FIFA bagged a €400mn sponsorship deal with Vivo for 2018 and 2022 World Cups

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