eSports Fantasy Leagues: A storm brewing in a teacup?

There’s no stopping the football fantasy leagues. But eSports may surpass a lot of fantasy sports trends in a good way.

The massive trigger that fantasy football leagues had created is now greatly challenged by eSports fantasy leagues. The idea of eSports is not just a trend but is emerging as an actual sport. Several governments are officially recognizing it as a sport for visa purposes, some institutions are offering sponsorships and scholarships for it and there are fair chances of eSports being included in the Olympics as well. There’s another characteristic that adds to the list- Fantasy eSports.

eSports offers a huge market for betting and fantasy eSports has a distinguished demand for such. There are numerous websites dedicated to fantasy eSports betting and a few of them even have subreddits. Leading sports betting sites like DraftKings have realized and considered the potential of eSports in their business. Anyone who is curious about statistics, passionate about sports happenings, cares to throw around some money or willing to bet on fantasy eSports can smartly use their knowledge to win money while having fun.

How does it work?

Many fantasy eSports betting sites follow the conventional fantasy sports form. Sites have their own unique betting experiences to offer. Most use cash betting and hold different contests for the choice of way of betting. This lets gamblers choose a contest based on their comfort and amount they want to put up. Most popular eSports you might have heard of like Dota 2, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have such contests available.

Once you select the type of contest, you pick your roster. On most of the websites, you build your roster around a salary cap that is set by the site and each player is allotted a salary value. That’s how it goes. Further, you are awarded points based on your roster’s performance in the tournament. Those with highest points are declared winners.

Is this legal?

Fantasy sports leagues involve skills- be it just analyzing statistics and making decisions based on them. This sole criterion is capable of losing or even winning over the restrictions on legal justifications of fantasy eSports in America. Although there is no holistic legal acceptance, there is no federal law against it. And as fantasy sports and eSports don’t depend on luck but on experience and skill, there’s a slim chance of it being categorized as illegal.

The future of fantasy leagues

Companies like Vulcun plan to take fantasy eSports to a higher level by putting in nearly $250,000 this year in prizes. Ali Moiz, Vulcun’s co-founder believes that fantasy eSports is undeveloped but very exciting.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are put in every year by the most popular fantasy sports websites. Moiz believes that fantasy eSports shall also touch that mark some day. The growth graph of fantasy eSports is escalating and considering the wide popularity of games like League of Legends, this graph is likely to shoot higher.

Users are crazy about gambling on eSports. The faith in a specific player or the knowledge of playing strategies of different players can help them win huge money prizes. This takes their fan fun to the next level and adds a whole another dimension to spectatorship.

Fantasy eSports software development

Vinfotech is a leading fantasy eSports app development company. It provides best in class white label fantasy eSports software globally. Our platform is built in a way that engages both casual and professional fantasy eSports players. For any kind of fantasy sports website & app development, Vinfotech is a trusted partner. Contact us for more details.

  • eSports offers a huge market for betting and fantasy eSports
  • Leading sports betting sites like DraftKings have realized and considered the potential of eSports
  • There’s a slim chance of eSports being categorized as illegal

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world’s best fantasy sports-based entertainment, marketing and rewards platforms for fantasy sports startups, sports leagues, casinos and media companies. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your fantasy platform growth. Our award winning software vFantasy™ allows us to build stellar rewards platform faster and better. Our customers include Zee Digital, Picklive and Arabian Gulf League.


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