ICC Cricket World Cup: Fans want more engagement and how?

ICC World Cup enjoys a phenomenal fan demographic and viewership around the world. But you need an Indian company to engage these fans. Read how.

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer. A 2018 research done by the International Cricket Council (ICC) says that there are 1 billion cricket fans around the world and 90% of these fans reside in India. The ICC Cricket World Cup (Men) kicks off from May 30th, 2019 as the 12 editions of the world cup to be hosted by England and Wales. Ten teams who are members of the ICC will play in the world cup. This is a golden opportunity to engage the 1 billion fan base of cricket around the world through fan engagement platforms.

Sports brands, clubs and any other brands who wish to leverage from the world cup have the chance of doing so through fan engagement platforms. Apart from India, other Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka have a huge fan following of both the cricket as well as the ICC world cup. There’s a certain craze for these one-day international matches played between some of the most competitive teams of the world.

Fan engagement platform for ICC world cup fans

Fans of ICC world cup are knowledgeable and have an inherent need to interact with other fans across the globe. They have their favorite teams and players who they are rooting for and can’t get enough of the frenzy. They are most likely to love any kind of fan engagement platform that could challenge them and make them play against other fans. Here’s how you can engage these fan on a cricket platform –

# Combination of fantasy sports, predictions and quizzes

A fan engagement platform that offers fantasy sports based on the ICC world cup, offers games of predictions in exchange for rewards and prizes as well as quizzes is ideal for the purpose. This combines all kinds of interests related to cricket and any kind of fan can come and play on the platform. This offers a deep level of engagement to the fans who spend more time on such a platform during the entire season.

# Free platform

Brands can offer a free-of-charge platform and include a few paid games that save them from any legal restrictions. They can easily engage fans, offer them prizes, get data analytics and promote their own brand as the fans play.

# Daily and season-long games

One of the most popular forms of fantasy cricket app development is the season-long games that last during the entire world cup. This coupled with daily fantasy cricket option can create a whole new level of fan engagement.

# Better visibility in less budget

Usually, brands invest a tremendous amount of money in sponsorships for brand visibility during the world cup for in-stadium fans as well as on television radio audience. This only adds to the noise of various brands shouting for attention. However, if the same visibility is achieved in less money, it’s a win-win. Fan engagement platform provides such visibility that lasts not only during the world cup but throughout the year. Through the platform, they can engage in endorsing their own brands or products through cross-promotion tools, display advertising or simply offering the option to directly buy the merchandise.

# Fan engagement platform beyond world cup

Enterprises and companies can get an excellent return on investment if they build a fan engagement platform for cricket fans and later open it for other sports. There are four other sports world cups lined up this year and the same platform can be scaled up according to the world cup or season.

# Fan analytics for future

One of the greatest benefits of building a fan engagement for the cricket world cup is the kind of fan data that you can get and process. The platform with its analytics tools would help you understand your audience better so you could evolve as per their preferences. This helps your brand make changes, or modify marketing techniques for the fans in the future.

Vinfotech is the world’s leading fan engagement and fantasy sports development company with specialization in cricket and football. Being located in India, we understand cricket fans and the world cup frenzy surrounding the season. We can help you build an addictive fantasy sports solutions quickly and competitively. Give us a call.

  • Cricket is a 2nd most popular sport in the world
  • Cricket fans are always looking for more online gaming alternatives
  • Fan engagement platforms can provide excellent ROI for brands

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world’s best fantasy sports-based entertainment, marketing and rewards platforms for fantasy sports startups, sports leagues, casinos and media companies. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your fantasy platform growth. Our award winning software vFantasy™ allows us to build stellar rewards platform faster and better. Our customers include Zee Digital, Picklive and Arabian Gulf League.

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