Best time for startups to launch fantasy football in Europe

For a continent as large as Europe, a fantasy football business is poised to engage online users. This market is now ripe.

Football in Europe is a way of life. Mornings begin over a cup of coffee and a little chat about football. From watching and playing the sport religiously to following and idealizing its players, European fans know how to be fans.
A vivid cultural picture gets painted the moment you think of football and Europe. The game enjoys a branding in day-to-day living like no other sport Ronaldo’s stone-carved body, Beckham’s trend-setting haircuts, Messi’s stunning car collection- footballers are like their film stars.
European football leagues are global brands. They are host to some of world’s most popular teams – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris St. Germain, FC Porto to name a few – with fan following spanning the whole world.

A dream foundation for fantasy football

Apart from real field leagues, fantasy football leagues have also gained a massive popularity and made a big business in Europe. Assembling virtual teams of real favourite players and then competing against other virtual teams on the basis of statistical performance of those players in actual games- this alone is the very idea of fantasy football which brings the industry about 1.5 billion dollar revenue every year.

Fantasy football is huge worldwide

It may sound like a recently introduced, youth-engaging and small-scale entertainment sport, but the fantasy football league is a whole lot more than that. Its origination dates back to 1962 and it has big advertising players like Disney’s ESPN unit, Yahoo and CBS. No wonder, DraftKings and FanDuel have each managed to raise as much as $300 million from the investors. Their growth got a boom when they started offering weekly games where players picked a team on a weekly basis.

What do the numbers tell?

While a total of $18 billion is spent on fantasy sports annually, $140 billion is wagered on real sports and $70 billion in lotteries. Studies reveal that about 16% of the people with income > $50,000 play fantasy sports, whereas just 10% of people with income < $50,000 participate. Some of the richest countries are in the European sub-continent and so this region is ripe to engage users who would pay to play. Fantasy FIFA 2018 should be the time for Europe to become a larger fantasy football demographic. So if you’re looking for a field to launch the fantasy football FIFA World Cup 2018, go aim at Europe.

FIFA World Cup 2018 is the best time for launching fantasy football

There’s a buzz about football in Europe all year round. But nothing beats the madness that the world cup brings along. June, being the opening month of FIFA World Cup 2018 is also the best time for start-ups to jump on the fantasy football bandwagon. This, now, is the draft season for you to put your own spin on hosting public fantasy football leagues. Better the offers that you make to the participants more are your earnings in return.

Why should startups consider launching the fantasy football in Europe?

If there is something that is interesting to offer, engages a huge mass of participants, gains worldwide popularity in a short period of time, and brings you good income, who wouldn’t want to take it up? Fantasy football is one such business. Here’s how it can bring you great profit-

#Profitable business model

Primarily, you start earning by taking share in the competition. When you offer different contests and events, you collect a sum as a participation fee from individual players. Most of the passionate players easily give in as chances are that they may earn manifolds in the competition. While most of this collected fee accounts for the prize money, a particular percentage (generally 5%-10%) is kept by the hosting sites as the fee of hosting. This amounts to your first share of earnings.

#Advertise as you please

The second way is through advertising. Disney, Yahoo, CBS have become all-time big players through advertising. Huge network traffic is driven with the help of online advertising which ultimately grows the economic value of the contest. With increasing traffic, the ad revenue of pages increases as well and invites more investors. More advertising increases the popularity of the league more, and invites more people to visit the website for the latest updates and details. This in turn increases the revenue of the brands.

#Streams of revenue

The mode of income also varies according to the business models. For example, CBS earns the most for their good commissioner toolsets, ESPN generates most of its revenue from advertisements placed on their content. Yahoo! Plus and advertisements on the content do it for Yahoo. European users already engage with brands endorsed by famous footballers of their leagues. If you build a fantasy football platform, it would open up new ways of earning money through advertising of brands.

Vinfotech is world leader in fantasy sports website development because we have build these platforms for various demographics and regions. We understand users of a specific geographical region and create fantasy football website and mobile apps that click in that region. With FIFA World Cup 2018 just round the corner, we are ready to create an engaging fantasy football application for you. Call us.

  • Europeans revere football like no other sport
  • European users engage with brands endorsed by footballers
  • European leagues host world’s most popular teams
  • Fantasy football’s biggest brands are popular in Europe

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