5 things to consider while choosing daily fantasy sports software provider

Team Vinfotech shares some expert tips on choosing the right provider for your daily fantasy sports development project

You must have figured by now that simply having a daily fantasy sports software is not enough in an industry that’s founded on competition. As an entrepreneur in the industry of fantasy sports competitions, you want to be ahead of the curve. So hey, it’s already too late if you already own a fantasy sports website and are now thinking of promoting it through various channels. It all truly begins right with choosing a daily fantasy sports software provider.

If you consider the following five things, chances are you will have given your daily fantasy sports business a great foundation.

#1 Choose a product developer over an app developer

Choose a daily fantasy sports software provider that’s more than a software provider or an app builder. Before starting out as a fantasy sports platform, you need to ensure a variety of things where design and development are just the basics. Look for partners who would be on your side before launching the application and would be willing to support after the launch. Select an experienced team with a mix of developers, strategists and marketers to guide you through various aspect of your daily fantasy sports product. Ask specifically for a team that knows the matrix behind daily fantasy sports, has a deep understanding of the market, knows which kind of designs echo with users of various regions etc.

#2 Choose a partner with In-depth understanding of fantasy sports laws

There are several countries such as India where online gaming laws are not clear, then there are countries like the USA where laws differ from one state to another.  Similarly, daily fantasy sports laws may differ from seasonal games at certain places.  Ask for a daily fantasy sports software provider who not only understands laws but also knows the various applications of the laws according to regions, users and the type of gameplays. As an entrepreneur, you may come across fantasy sports software providers who would be positive about laws in general and may mislead you into developing an application that may get stuck in a legal battle in future. Instead, look for a team that would advise you wisely about the laws even if it means not building your daily fantasy sports app for a certain region.

#3 Select a platform which offers scalability

A daily fantasy sports software or platform deals with a huge amount of data related to number of players, their scores, their on and off field activities apart from various users’ data. Your daily fantasy sports provider must have dealt with successful daily fantasy platforms in the past. Your app development partners should understand data unification, consistent and error-free data integration and filtration. Don’t forget to check out the portfolio of your software providers to see how many scalable platforms they have launched. An ideal situation would be when the provider has a complete technology infrastructure meant only for fantasy sports.

#4 Select a partner having industry affiliation

Is your daily fantasy sports provider a member of say FSTA? Do they have partnerships with industry experts? Do they regularly visit fantasy sports or gaming conferences? These seemingly unimportant facts would help you determine the reach of your software provider in the industry. You may talk to old clients or ask specifically if they are members of leading daily fantasy sports associations. This would help you get a strong foundation for your daily fantasy sports platform and would give you a guarantee of security in terms of your terms and project.

#5 Choose a partner with user centric approach

One of the ways to measure any daily fantasy sports application is to know its connect with the end-users. If you come across a provider that starts the conversation with what users want in your region, you have most likely hit a jackpot. Design thinking today is the core of any winning digital application and a daily fantasy sports application is no exception. You need to find a development team that swears by user empathy.

There can be several other factors such as cost-effectiveness, payment gateway partnerships and the likes. However, these five considerations would help you find the most trusted daily fantasy sports software provider and would give a great foundation for a successful business.

  • Choose a product developer over an app developer
  • Choose a partner with In-depth understanding of fantasy sports laws
  • Select a platform which offer scalability
  • Select a partner having industry affiliation
  • Choose a partner with user centric approach

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