Why do we need patient engagement platforms?

See how patient engagement platforms have proved to be effective in improving patient recovery.

As the third wave of digitalization hits the world, healthcare industry increases the volume of patient engagement through various digital platforms. That’s precisely what patient engagement platforms are for.

A patient engagement platform is an online or digital tool that helps in management of a person’s healthcare experience through electronic records, collaboration with the healthcare teams and physicians. But why do we need these platforms? Here’s why:

Value and convenience:

Along with the usual clinic bills, healthcare costs include commutation to the hospitals, costs due to absence from work, etc. Digital patient engagement tools automatically eliminate several processes and create more value and convenience which cuts overall costs.


A healthcare survey revealed that 247 million people downloaded a health application this year at least once. Patient engagement platforms empower patients with information and bring in transparency.

Reduction in readmissions/inpatients:

Few people realize that readmissions cost not only patients but also the hospitals and clinics. Through patient engagement platforms, activities such as follow-ups, post discharge treatments are effectively managed. This minimizes readmissions.

Faster recovery:

A McKinsey report had stated in a survey that “more than 75 percent of respondents would like to use digital healthcare services, as long as those services meet their needs and provide the level of quality they expect.” Why do all these users want to use such platforms? Because these tools enable them to adhere to doctor’s treatment schedule, post discharge plans and lead to their faster recovery.

The above mentioned report also said that more than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future. It said that more than 70% of all older patients in the UK and Germany wish to use digital healthcare services. This means patients regardless of their demographic are ready for digital tools for patient engagement.

  • Digital patient engagement tools create more value and cut overall costs
  • Such platforms empower patients with information
  • They reduce readmissions
  • Such tools enable patients to adhere to post-recovery plans

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