Why you should include telemedicine into your practice?

As much as 75% of doctor visits are considered unnecessary and often lead to physician burn-out. This is why physicians must now switch to telemedicine solutions.

Telemedicine has evolved as one of the most fruitful outcomes of the technological advancement in healthcare systems. While this has given the physicians a way to deal with the increasing pressure of treating more patients in a cost-effective way, it has also provided the patients the flexibility to easily address their health issues to physicians.Telemedicine solutions are not just a trend, but the need of present time because of the convenience, connection, precision and flexibility that they offer.

A 2017 survey claimed that almost 75% of all doctor, urgent care, and emergency room visits in the US are either unnecessary or could be handled safely and effectively over the phone or video. This means that physicians may be unnecessarily burning themselves out without reason. It’s time they include telemedicine in their practice. If you are a physician, here’s how you can include telemedicine:

1. More flexibility in the practice

Telemedicine lets you offer clinical assistance to patients without actually having them physically present. This gives you the flexibility to deal with more patient cases without increasing the staff size and your operating hours. If the telemedicine solution provider is licensed like Vinfotech, you can expand your patient outreach to rural or remote areas where urgent care clinics aren’t available. You can allot an entire day for telemedicine visits by blocking a day and hence reducing costs. Not only this, you can also continue checking up your patients without referring them to other doctors while you are out for a conference or on a tour. So telemedicine solutions let the patients get better health services from you while you get more returns out of your potential.

2. Improved accuracy with electronic prescriptions

Being at the service-provider end, you need to ensure patients’ safety. Prescribing electronically does just that by reducing the risk of manual errors and misinterpretations while you prescribe and the pharmacist/ patient reads. Some custom telemedicine software allow you to deliver the eRx (e-prescription) directly to pharmacy’s computer system. So no extra time is spent by the pharmacist in entering the information manually or interpreting the prescription. Moreover, if you choose Vinfotech for eRX, you can be assured of getting custom build e-prescriptions solutions ready in weeks against months, getting solutions that blend well with iOS, Android as well as web, and having all your data to be 100% HIPAA compliant. You can also watch out medical demographics, medicine details, track orders and online payments, check patients’ past assessment records etc. All of these features increase your overall work efficiency significantly.

3. Be a part of healthcare collaboration

The applications developed using custom telemedicine software enable you to be a part of clinical social networks being used by hospitals. These networks facilitate collaboration of clinical fraternity, strengthening patient support, addressing the queries of potential patients, creating knowledge base of interesting and useful content, sharing inspiring patient recovery and research stories, organizing and promoting events, facilitating discussions around your hospital, doctors, patients and treatment; and conducting polls and surveys for data collection. These are just a few of the numerous merits that telemedicine offers. It broadens the scope of assistance, research, and treatment, which is why it has become a benchmark of advancement in clinical practice.

4. Improved quality of care

The only way to retain your patients is to offer them the best medical treatment in the best possible way. If you can precisely understand the patients’ needs and offer the solutions to their health problems whenever or wherever required, they’re more likely to return. With the help of a good telemedicine provider, patients can quickly get comfortable with remote consulting. Telemedicine allows you to provide personalized care to the required patients. You can keep a track of their recovery, check how the medicine’s working for them, or give them a precise prognosis. The telemedicine solution involving remote monitoring is therefore the most efficient way to manage patients with chronic diseases or disorders that require consistent attention. With improved quality of care, you are able to truly use your skills efficiently and propel a speedy recovery for your patients.

5. Telemedicine helps you achieve common practice goals

Being a doctor or a physician, what are your most important practice goals? Telemedicine has the potential to fulfil most of the goals that you can think of. If you decide to become a telemedicine physician (provider), you get the opportunities of easily improving accessibility, increasing revenue, reducing hospital readmissions, improving patient loyalty, attracting new patients, improving outcomes and care plan compliance and improving patient satisfaction scores etc. Moreover, the companies building telemedicine apps are making sure that the UX and UI are easy to adapt to, so that the practitioners don’t have to worry about any errors and app learning curve.

6. The technology is already in the ring, are you?

A large part of healthcare community worldwide believes in the adoption of telemedicine. A study by the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine found that 80% of providers and patients were satisfied with their telemedicine video visit experience. Seeing the kind of impact it has on healthcare systems, telemedicine is likely to become a criteria of the most advanced clinical assistance. So if your practice doesn’t comply with it, you might not be considered a forward looking physician.

If you’ve already made up your mind on including telemedicine into your practice and are looking forward to adopting it, it might be a good help for you to know about Vinfotech, which is a market leader in telemedicine apps. Give us a call.

  • Telemedicine gives physicians flexibility
  • Improves accuracy and quality of care
  • Helps achieve practice goals
  • Keeps updated with technology

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