How does telehealth benefit patients and providers?

Not sure how exactly is telehealth worth your investment?
Let us break it down for you.

Industry surveys indicate about 74% of patients in the U.S. would use telehealth services. The expectation of an average patient from healthcare has changed forever. But that’s not why telehealth exists. Telehealth has several clear advantages over traditional medicine practices. How does it benefit patients and providers? Read on.

Benefits to patients

Medical aid to remote patients

There are many countries around the world where healthcare professional-to-population ratio is low. Telehealth enables the access of medical expertise to patients living in remote areas. Patients can save the cost of travel and accommodation in big cities. This has especially benefitted hospitalized patients who can now interact with a distant specialist via telehealth.

Improved quality of care

Since remote patients were earlier dependent on the physical location of the hospitals, they were often devoid of quality care. Telehealth creates equality in the availability of improved and professional care to all patients alike.

Faster recovery

Studies have shown that patients who live within their own environment tend to recover faster. Telehealth has facilitated medical consultation right from where the patients are. It also shortens the diagnosis and treatment process by reducing the time required for patients to be seen by a succession of providers. An industry blog Device Talk had reported recently that 91% of health outcomes were as good or better via telehealth.

Benefits to providers

Tending to more patients

Telehealth has made the necessity of travel almost negligible. As a result, specialists can now spend their travel time in seeing more patients and increasing the duration of consultation per patient.

Education to rural providers

Specialists in cities can get an exposure of handling patients from remote areas and other cities along with mentoring and guiding rural providers. At the same time, rural providers can receive training and better exposure due to telehealth facilities.

Improved efficiency

When providers are able to save energy and time, they are able to personalize their consultation and services, connect with patients at a deeper level and improve on their overall efficiency.
More than half of all US hospitals have a telemedicine program currently that sends clear signals that telehealth is the need of hour. It’s a kind of medical collaboration that has solved a series of related problems that both patients and providers often face.

  • Telehealth creates equality in care quality
  • Remote patients save on cost of travel and stay
  • Providers can care for more patients in less time
  • Providers are able to personalize consultation

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