The role of social media in community development

Despite the increasing importance of social networks, community development needs to take place both on and offline. Read More!

In the digital world, social media emerge as a powerful weapon to discuss any public issue and sometimes people are interested to involve and give their opinion. Social media play a big role to develop an online community because with the social platform you can discuss all these issues on one platform. On community forum, you can add thousands of peoples in one group because it was difficult to stand half a dozen people on one place to get their opinion, with the help of social media, you can know the vision of many people’s on one place.

Social media and community are two different things. Social media help to get connected with each other. We all have groups of friends, relatives, co-workers and many other people and we talk with them on a daily basis and social networking sites help to connect them. With the help of the social networking platform, you are connected with some peoples who are already known but the social community gives a facility to touch with different peoples at one place. The biggest difference between social media and communities is that the communities are the group of different people with different background and history on those people who probably have never met yet, they are on the same page because of the same interest.

Social Community development is a process where different types of community member come to discuss and find a solution for a common problem. A community range can be a small group of audience with a little issue or large initiatives that involve the large group.

Social networking sites provide an environment where pre-established relationships are maintained. We added those people in a group which are already known by us or our friend-circle. We communicate with them, share out thoughts, photos and congratulate them on every special occasion. Social networking sites involve people from all over the world and provide a platform to share their personal thought.

People join or create the social community for a purpose to discuss a public issue. Generally, a business owner wants to get a feedback about their product from different persons. Social media community is a discussion forum. On this portal people rarely know each other. Social media community is part of social networking sites. Social networking app always gaining attention from users. Microblog, messaging apps, forum, and other media sharing platform is opening a new path of possibilities.

Different types of social networking apps

There are many different types of social media platform are running on the web. You can also create your own social network site. Here are we show different types of social network online community platform which are available.

Media sharing platform: On this type of platform user can share media content such as photos, videos, slides, document, and other items. This platform also provides editing facility that also increases the number of users.

Online Review platform: Online Review platform provides a information and feedback to help other people. It collects all the necessary information about a product to show the user reviews about the product. This system helps other people to buy a good quality product from online e-commerce sites.

Social Networking sites: Social networking sites increase the connectivity among people. You can add your friends and relatives on this platform. It also helps to make your personal and professional sites. This is also divided into different parts.

1. Personal Networking sites - For personal use

2. Professional Networking sites - Form professional use

3. Dating Sites

Discussion forum: This type of platform used to interact with different people and for sharing thoughts. It is a discussion platform which is used to get a solution to a particular problem.

Bookmarking sites: This type of sites generally used for promotion. You can save your web pages link and share it with this portal. It collects content in a personal library. On this platform, you can follow another member if you like their content.

Social Publishing platform: Social publishing platform helps professional and amateur blogger to publish their content. Content publishing websites also help to promote your business online that gives more visibility.

Now it’s time to build your own social media community. You can create your own social media community platform in 3 simple stages. ,

1. Build a strong social media community: Social media community is a generally a group for users. You have to create a strong communication system because on that platform you regularly share high-quality media content and many people review them at a time. People give their valuable feedback about a product. This conversation shows a high-level accessibility about your portal that will also help to increase the members and give more visibility.

2. Increase the follower: It’s time to increase the follower because the success of a community portal depends on the followers. A unique and latest topic also get the traffic and increase the volume of users on the portal.

3. Time to check the progress: As we know that the success and failure of your social media platform are decided by the user who uses your platform. On social community forum, the conversation topic plays that role. If your topic is energetic and people think to get involved in that discussion, they do that.

If you have your own social community forum, we give you some tips to manage your platform. This tip helps you to increase your demands in the community world.

1. Active on social media and participate in every issue. It helps to get in touch with other users and you can also promote your community portal on that platform.

2. If you have a small business and want to know about what your customer thinks about your business and product. Just promote your business on social sites.

3. It will help to get feedback about your product.

4. Several fans and follower also helped to increase the popularity of your business.

5. Always get-in-touch with customers.

Social media community is also a great way to touch with your audience. Millions of people daily use social media and give their feedback about any general issue. So just build your own community forum, join them on your portal and start a discussion.

Vinfotech understands how to leverage insights from online communities to help clients looking for deeper engagement. We have developed several social networks and customer communities for proactive brands around the world. Contact us today or check out our portfolio.

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