An Overview of Social Media App Development Process: Strategy & Trends

Take a closer look at the evolution of social media app development and several emerging trends that are to shape the online space users interact in.

If you look around the world, you see millions of people are busy on social media. Social Network is now well established, various types of social platform significantly change the concept of communication. Now different companies launched different features of social media as per the new trends. Involving new trends in the platform is a common strategy but that features attract how many users? that’s important. A number of active users show the success of your platform. Today we take an overview of the development process of any Social Media App and also discuss the new trends and techniques.

In the year 2017, there were 2.46 billion of active social media user are present in the world. In 2018 the number of users increased around 30 million and reached 2.76 and this counts is increasing day by day. In this time social media platform only a part of communication but also used for business. Now imagine, if you promote your business on the social media platform, so the possibilities of success are increasing to 80 to 85% as compared to other. Social media application is the jet platform for local business that boosts your business and generates high revenue.

Why Social Media Apps are popular?

Social Media Apps has become a great platform for everyone and especially for business. It connects a business to its user. The best part is that this application is available widely and some of free to use. It offers an exclusive combination of information and entertainment for its users. Apart from this, there are many reasons are available for its popularity. Generally, people love to use the mobile and social platform, so they spend their lots of time on this type of application because on the social media platform all the information is available as they need. They generally connect with many other users and share the information.

Social Media App development is not an easy task, it wants, time, strategy, passions, money, effort and that last a good team who develop this application with full of interest. If you want to create our own social media platform for any special purpose, just follow the available platform. You have to understand the trends. What your audience wants. Ones you understand the need of your audience you can develop a good social media application.

New Trends for Social Media Application.

If you want to create your own social media application you have to know about the new trends. These new trends easily draw the attention of many social media users.

Instant Messaging App: - Messaging Application has set the new milestone in the social media domain. A social media application with instant messaging features become more popular. It offers quick communication that attracts many users. With these features you can easily chat with your friends. Now the video and voice calling features also the point of attraction. These features also available with different mobile application development technology, so it’s easy to implement.

Media Sharing App: - Media Sharing Application allow you to upload audio, video, photos and different types of documents on the application. You can download these files anywhere in the world. You can share this media file with your friends. This type of platform now the first choice of any social media user and became a new trend.

Discussion Forums: - Discussion forums are a new trend for business and become very popular nowadays. With these platform, you can share your thoughts, find new news and can opinions for any product. It’s like a feedback platform for any business.

E-commerce Network: - This platform is used for buying and selling any product. In the last five years, this platform getting more popular than others. E-commerce platform available in web and app formats that’s why billions of users used this platform. E-commerce platform generally used to advertise. Some small business sells their products on this platform.

Dating Social Network App: - Just like other social media platform dating Social networking app are used by many peoples. You can set up your profile and search for your soul mate.

VR and AR App: -Virtual and augmented reality technologies have quickly become popular in the social market. These technologies make the user’s virtual experience livelier. Some of the top social media platforms introduced 360-degree videos that enable users to share their experiences using VR technology. These technologies are now ready to provide a more realistic approach.

Live Streaming App: - Today there is no need to introduce the Live Streaming Application. This is the newest trends that add to the social media platform. In recent time many small and big companies are investing in the Live Mobile Streaming App. With this application, the business and brands stay connected with their users.

Some of the primary features for any customized social networking application: - Here is the list of some new features for your social media application which helps in high ranking.

Push Notification: - Real-time update for news with the push notification that makes your application more appealing.

User Profile: - Add the features of user profile where a user can customize their own profile. These features attract any type of users.

File sharing: - These features are now available with all type of social media platform. These new trends improve your ranking and user engagement.

User Interface: - UI is the main part of any application. Generally, people want always new and if you introduce your site with unique UI, it put a great impact on the audience.

Customization option: - Your application should include the customization option. With that features a user and add, edit or delete any group. This option connect many users on one platform.

A Social Media Application with all new trends can generally generate high revenue. You can integrate many other new trends and technologies into your application as per your business need. Here at Vinfotech, we have some expert developers, who help in the development process and also introduce you with new trends.

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