The Future of social network Platforms and Ways in Which Businesses Can Utilize Them

The future is niche, as more networks arise to unite people who share a common interest -- be they neighbors, parents, women, shoppers, entrepreneurs or members of any other group. Read full blog for more insights

Social media is a powerful tool for business nowadays and we’re sure it will become more powerful in the future. Millions of people every day creating an account on the different social network and also daily people introduce with a new social network. People spending their a lot of time on the social network. Why? Because social network shows the thing that we like. All social media platform are developed according to your choice.

In the past decade, social media platform emerged as the need of a user. Some audience used social media as a communication medium and others have their own perspective. As we have seen a college student develop a social network only for fun purpose but no one knows that one day it becomes the first choice of millions of people. The social network has a capability of connection. Through a social media network, we are able to connect with millions of people. In the past five years, social network not only become a part of communication, but it becomes a business. It became an advertising platform for business. As technology continuously growing, the need for a social platform is increasing. So, it’s important to think about the future of the social network. A user is always eager to know, what is going on in the future.

Before we talking about the future of social media, let’s take a movement and see what is currently running.

# In a study, 88% of the young population used social media and half of them have two or three accounts on the different social network.

# Around 2 billion people used Facebook.

# 60 to 70% of the world’s population used the internet and social media.

If we see this data, it’s not wrong to say that we have become addicted to social media network. In all study, the percentage of young people who use social media network is higher. In future, this number is also increasing.

Niche is the future.

Trends are changing every day. On some big social media platform, people found so many irrelevant things that they didn’t want to see that’s why nowadays audience is turned to niche social media platform. Dedicated social networking platform is the feature of any social media. The audience tries to find the people who have the same interest as they. They want to connect with them and try to know their opinion. Corporate companies also interested in the mini or micro social network. A mini social network generally used for engaging the people who have the same interest, and, on this platform, users are very active than other platforms. They continuously involving all activity and share the thing they like. Corporate brands maintain an active account through which they can engage with their targeted audience. Activeness is the key that provides higher visibility on the web. Brands continuously share their product details, new product launch information and upcoming product information to their users. Generally, it’s a way of communication and review process. In other words, it’s a marketing strategy. Until a company didn't get the feedback about a product from its user, how they will be made a good product or increase the quality of the already present product.

Small community

If you see the top social media platform they are so big. All type of user used that platform. It’s like mixed veg where we include all type of veggies and items. But many interested people looking for small communities. This dedicate community only for their friend’s families and followers. Small community platform is powerful tools for business. Although they include minimum users compare to the big social network but on this platform, you find more active users at a time and also with the same interest.

The main point is the people are frustrated with the big platform and continuously looking for a new way. On the big platform, people have just seen the endless post about other people, their friends, their buddied, photos of eating, daily activity and so many useless things that they don’t want to see anymore. These things create frustration and this thing is happening with those people who have thousands of friends and the majority of whom they’ll never meet. As the result, the trends of social media is changing now. And the best thing is the new generation of social network wants some different things. They didn’t want to involve on in irrelevant things that they don’t know.

Any social media platform that provides more personal experience to their users or gains a place in their lives takes more attention. Small dedicated network comes with some ultimate features that grab the attention of a user. They provide new opportunities to marketers and advertisers. There is a dark side of a big platform. Now people are losing trust in a social media network. Many information shared on the social network generally wrong and created a bad mindset towards a community or a user. Sometimes these platforms are used for illegal activities and that is a big problem for any countries security. We know that big platform provides rich opportunities for business and in the future, this thing will increase.

Businesses must provide a curated experience.

As you migrate from Facebook to niche social network, be sure to align your message with the new expectations of your audience. Come up with the fresh approach that will allow you to engage your targeted audience in your products/services The future of social media is one to one conversion with your fans and followers to attract them in your products/service.

The less intrusive you are as a business, the higher your chances will be of building a substantial community around your brand, getting new leads and increasing conversions.

We already know the presence of social media and now are predict about its future on the basis of analyzation. In these days people consuming their social media on the mobile device. In the coming time, the social network will be shuffled in a new way, many changes will take place in the platform and if we know what will take place, we will get success in our business. If you want to create your own social media platform, so you have to know about the future. If you analyze the upcoming trends, you will get the high popularity in the minimum time. Audio, video, chat-bots and many other features are currently in trends. You will also find many new features on social media. With many new changes in both business and personal use, social media network has managed to make its position between people and it will be even further. It will be very exciting to see what kind of change comes in social network over time.

  • The future is niche.
  • Small communities perform better.
  • It's time to return to the personal touch.
  • It’s to find your targeted audience
  • Businesses must provide a curated experience.

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