Professional social networking platforms for different industries

Why should one build industry-specific professional networking platforms and how will that be beneficial?

Our career is one of the most important aspects of our lives, where we put in so much efforts to build it stronger. Climbing up that success ladder takes a lot of planning, strategy, consistency and focus. It is crucial to stay updated on the latest happenings of our field of work, so as to remain on top of our game and continue growing in the space. That’s exactly where industry-specific professional networking platforms come into the picture. While we do have great platforms such as LinkedIn for this, it is still pretty tedious to navigate through its content and to be able to catch some updates from our own industry.

Market potential of industry-specific professional networking sites

You might still debate that nothing beats the outreach and user experience of the professional networking giant- LinkedIn. The truth is, not everyone is comfortable being active on LinkedIn every day. That’s why the concept of “LinkedIn for X” has been on the rise, where professionals can get some daily updates and knowledge of their own industry. Approximately 70% of all the US physicians are on Doximity, a company that received a total funding of $81 million in the year 2014. Similarly, we have Academia that has raised approximately 30 million unique visitors per month.

Building professional networking platforms for different industries

At Vinfotech, we can help you build a strong professional networking platform for a specific industry. Our process starts with gathering insights of this particular market - all the information that would help us understand our end users. Once the requirements are in place, an in-depth analysis of the competition would help us figure out their areas of improvements and ensure that we include those on our platform. For instance, Doximity is iOS specific and that restricts them to only Apple users. We can establish a tone of security for this platform based on the nature of the specific industry, so as to make it as safe as it goes.

The ultimate vision

Vinfotech’s goal is to help you build a top-quality solution that is user friendly and aids in connecting professionals from a specific industry. We intend to provide these professionals the ability to share their own knowledge and experiences without any hassles. We wish to enable discussions on the latest trends of the particular sector- stimulating a scope of growth for everyone who is be eligible to have an access.
We support our clients with all that it takes to build a strong solution. In case you have any further queries on this, please feel to reach out to us.

  • Professional networking platforms help us stay connected with people and the latest trends of our industry.
  • LinkedIn is a professional networking giant, but since it’s not industry-specific, it doesn’t fulfil all the requirements.
  • People can share their own experiences, research papers, knowledge, special cases and assistance on a common work front.
  • Vinfotech helps build such strong professional networking platforms, ensuring top notch solutions that would help the industry grow.

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Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for employees, brands, interest groups and sports fans. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your social network growth. Our award winning software vSocial™ allows us to build stellar customized communities faster and better. Our customers include Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal.

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