Are niche social media sites the beginning of a new trend?

Niche social media sites are religiously dedicated to a specific purpose. They fairly appeal to demographics with shared interests.

Tumblr announced a social app called Cabana in 2017. The app allows a group of friends to watch videos together. Another app called Letterboxd allows people to discuss about cinema history. This app serves the purpose of a niche space where people interested in movies can freely discuss, chat and share information with each other. Apps like Infield Chatter have been especially curated to create a space where MLB players can directly chat with their fans. Despite the fact that people can chat on the popular social media platforms, a more organized, exclusive space such as these are the go-to choices of the niche audiences.

A Football fan will be more inclined to an exclusive social media site which includes other fans and followers. The probability of a fan visiting a unique social media site as this would be much higher than on other regular social media sites. In addition to being a common point for fans, players and followers to discuss a particular sport, such a website may also function as a data repository for sports-specific data. A relatively large share of sports fans feel more connected and informed on such websites. This stands true for all demographic groups with specific interests.

Today, we have a plethora of social media sites that have been carefully curated to adhere to the interests of a niche audience. Be it neighborhood social media apps such as Nextdoor- a platform to connect neighborhoods or social media for book lovers, readers, and writers such as Wattpad; consumers have a go-to site for all.

The saga of the shared economy has us sharing ideas, knowledge, information, and data with each other. People feel the urge to stay connected with each other. Most notably, a significant majority of the population uses more than one social media platform. This is indicative of the fact that the consumers are more welcoming to new avenues and niche social media websites that they have ever been.

The social media landscape of 2018 is a fusion of long-standing trends and emerging narratives. Despite pronounced differences in the use of social media across varied platforms, the popularity and acceptance of each one of them are unabated. Notable majorities of people, irrespective of age-group are active users on most social media sites. Sizeable demographics visit these websites multiple times a day. In the U.S. alone, 88% of 18-to-29-years-old indicates that they use some form of social media. The past few decades have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the number of niche social media sites. Platforms, which are religiously dedicated to a specific purpose, appeal more strongly to certain subsets of the population.

On social networking sites such as Facebook, people often look for cliques and niches. They form their groups for specific interests or purposes. However, if not properly maintained, these groups often lose momentum in long run. The primary reason for this glitch is that such websites serve to a much larger audience. They often fail to adhere to the problems of every individual. In addition, Facebook groups are often bombarded with advertisements which hamper the gravity of the groups.

Contrary to this, niche social media websites are quick in resolving the issues of the consumers. Mostly, these websites have an entire team in place working on resolving such issues. They offer a neat and personalized experience to the consumers and look into their problems on a one-to-one basis, thereby acting as a safe haven for people with shared interests.

Well versed with the demands of the consumers, these niche websites offer the best features with world-class functionality and integrations. The fact that they cater to a specific population which has shared interests make them unique in their own way. From engaging with business enthusiasts to connecting with specific communities, the niche social media website is just a touch away. The point is to knit a group of people who share an interest, on a website where they can engage in in-depth communication, and share knowledge at the earliest.

The consumer-end is not the only segment that is benefiting from this emerging trend. Niche social media websites hold a massive potential for businesses to earn a profit. They get their target audience, all at one place. All they need to do is treat them right, communicate well and resolve their issues.

People are more likely to reciprocate their loyalty in lieu of a personalized experience. You need to know your audience and tap on the right factors to kickstart a social media website. Be aware of your audience's behavior- their thinking patterns, interests and demands. Focus on maintaining a relationship with them. The best part about niche social media websites is that they offer the greatest chance to build a brand-to-consumer relationship, which can definitely go a long way.

In a tech-savvy world like ours, which has almost 73% of the population using some kind of social media website, the probability of a niche social site running errands is extremely less. Unlike generic social media sites, consumers are not bombarded with advertisements or multiple choices. They can engage in forums and discussions which are specific to their interests.

Niche sites run on ‘less is more’. They offer less content but of the kind which adheres to customer’s interests. They act as a respite for the generic results that plague our queries on social media giants like Facebook. Users find themselves better informed and connected on niche websites.

The trend of niche social media sites is not going to evade anytime soon. Businesses can trust on these websites to grow by a relatively healthy margin. At the same time, consumers can benefit from these websites by engaging with people with similar interests. The fact that the niche social media sites will be substantially popular among people in near future cannot be done away with.

At Vinfotech, we help you build your niche social media sites with the help of an experienced team. We understand the fact that social websites can work wonder for a business set up. It’s time businesses and brands should start targeting a niche audience and gather them in a more organized space. Our team of experts holds years of experience and can provide a complete solution for your business. Be it targeting a local community or specific audience such as sports fans, we have customized products and solutions for all. Vinfotech has the requisite expertise to help you develop the most appropriate and relevant social media website. For any further inquiry, please reach out to us.

  • Facebook groups often fail to provide exclusive experience to the users
  • There has been a significant rise in the number of niche social media sites
  • A Football fan is more inclined to an exclusive social media site which has other fans and followers
  • Niche social media websites are quick in resolving the issues of the consumers

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