Want to build a social network? Five things you should consider first

Read How a Social Networking platform helps you to introduce a new idea in the market and engage targeted audience.

Now a day’s peoples spend more time on social network platform than any other platform as it helps people to connect with their friend, family etc. and solve their daily life issues. User’s engagement with social media is increasing day-by-day. For a startup business, social media is the only thing who can give a boost in business. With that, you will become a star in one night. If we think about social media as a business purpose, it will be a great way of success. If you want to build social network this blog truly help you.

Before you know the five-main point about a social network there are many things you must know about the social media and community. Different types of people love different types of social media community. Trends always change because nothings been always on top. Many social networking sites are available on web and people just creating a replacement. Different types of people live in this world and every person has a different choice because of this people are engaged with various social networking sites. As an example, some people like photos, some videos and other some different things because of this some people engaged with photo sharing sites and some on video sites. Many people involved in a discussion forum to give their opinion. So, if you create a social networking site you find many competitors that are available and gives you a tough competition.

Want to build a social network here are some important steps, with that you can easily start a social networking website.

Step 1: - Concept

This will be the most critical part to make a social networking website. To complete this task, you need to think long and hard for your project. Decide the whole structure of your project. Initially You can start this with small because as you get success in your strategy you will expand your base. You can decide whether you want to cover a large demographic or for a special group or community. One thing always considers in your mind if you go for a very large demographic, so ready to face big competitor’s. Until you don’t find any unique concept and success in the project, it’s not easy to beat your competitor’s. Another thing is large social group already present in the market that the same you want. You must do some hard research in the market and on your competitors.

Step 2: - Initial Development

If you complete your analysis on the audience and you get a clear picture for your strategy, it’s right time to start initial development. The development process depends on the money that involves. If you are looking to build a niche site with less complex features, so the amount of involving will be leaser than a big community project with some hard-complex features. After the money, it’s time to decide platform. Which type of platform you want to develop a website or mobile app. Both platform nowadays very successful. If you go for the mobile app then on which platform you want to build your project. Android, iOS or on both.

Step 3: - User interface design

If you are starting your own social network so keep one thing in your mind that design is the key part of any social media platform. If you get success to build creative, user-friendly, beautiful, responsive user interface and interface, so it’s been easy to attract your targeted as well as new audience. There are many things that you must consider before the implementation.

Always include some general functionality like feed, message, sharing, searching in your app.

Admin panel that kept eye on every function.

UX design is the most critical part of any design. If you hire an experienced team to develop this, it will be great because they always keep this thing in mind and gives you the best advice and services.

Step 4: - Marketing and promotion of the Platform

The social marketing website is also promoted as you promote your local business. In this era without a promotion you can’t get success because social media is a platform where so many people come and join, so until the audience don’t know about your project, they don’t join you. If you are new in the marketing field, so you can hire a good marketing team who is expert in their field. SEO is also essential for any social networking sites.

Step 5: - Check your performance

If you make a huge investment in development and marketing, now it’s time to make some money. Earning from social media is depends on paid advertisement. Check the advertisement and its reputation. Sometimes free advertisement can also increase the popularity of your site. The advertisement also helps to earn a good amount, with that you can also expand your base. Now if you are satisfied with overall growth and it covers your all expectation, so don’t think that the work is done. The last stage, the main work is maintenance. In the market there are many firms who offered maintenance and support. A website always wants maintenance, because daily new types of bugs are introduced in the market. A small bug can reduce the success ratio of your social media platform. Support team keep their eye on this issue and always prevent your websites form them.

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech develop highly engaging custom social networks that drive unmatched customer engagement. We have highly experienced developer and designing team which helps you to convert your dream into reality. We have developed several social network Platform for our clients across the globe. Do check out our portfolio or give us a call.

  • Concept
  • User-Interface
  • Initial development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Maintenance

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for brands, interest groups and sports fans. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your social network growth. Our award winning software vSocial™ allows us to build stellar customized communities faster and better. Our customers include Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal.

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