React Native development tools for awesome mobile app

React Native is all about building mobile apps utilizing JavaScript. Using the same design as React and creating rich mobile UI with declarative components.

React Native allows you to build a real mobile app that’s identical to an app build in any other technology like Objective-C or Java. React Native app development doesn’t just mean to build a “mobile web app”, “HTML app” or a “hybrid app”! It uses the same fundamental UI blocks as orderly iOS and Android mobile apps. There is a need to put all the building blocks together utilizing JavaScript and React.

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It’s good to get through React Native’s basic guide to start the journey of understanding React Native Development Tools. Let’s proceed to check out the most essential tools for React Native development to build scalable and robust mobile apps.


Atom is cross-platform editing tool developed by GitHub. It’s an open source editor, hackable to the core. Atom has the capability of working on Windows, Linux, and iOS, written in language Electron. It’s a tool with smart autocompletion, having customizable themes and designs. Look and feel of the UI can be easily tweaked with CSS with addition of HTML and JavaScript.


Nuclide is an open source react native tool, developed by Facebook. It’s a single package to provide hackability and the support of an active community. It improves the quality of JavaScript with built-in support for flow, including autocomplete, jump-to-definition, and inline errors. Nuclide provides a first-class development environment for React Native development.

Visual studio code

Visual studio code is again a powerful, free and open source code editor which works on cross platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is written in the languages like TypeScript, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets, build in git command. Visual studio code combines the simplicity of a source code editor with powerful developer tooling, like IntelliSense code completion and debugging.

For React Native development there comes a Visual Studio Code extension which provides compatible development environment. Using this extension helps in debugging code, run React Native commands, and use IntelliSense for APIs.


Redux helps in easy testing of apps. It’s a predictable state container for JavaScript developed by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark. Best feature of Redux is that it offers live code editing along with a time-traveling debugger. Mobile apps built with Redux behaves consistently, can run in different environments and are super easy to test.


Expo is a free and opensource toolchain build around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JS. It provides over the air updated to publish projects. In addition to the command-line interface (CLI) it also has a graphical UI. Also, Expo SDK provides with a wide variety of native APIs.


Ignite CLI is a React Native app development tool with boilerplates, plugins, and more. We can choose from many existing boilerplates or start our own. It supports standalone plugins. This is a merge-friendly way for your team to show, test and use components. It’s easy to make quick changes and usage identification. Also has playground for third party libraries and logic proofs.

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  • Instabug is the top bug reporting tool
  • ESLint is a JavaScript linting utility created by Nicholas C. Zakas
  • NativeBase is a sleek, ingenious, and dynamic front-end framework 
  • Balsamiq is a react native design tool which helps in creating awesome designs in pace

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