Millennial user engagement - decoded

Read how millennial user engagement is the need of the hour and the arising need for all businesses and startups.

People talk in different tones when it comes to “user engagement”, they create their own definitions varying upon the business type and domain.

User engagement is the emotional connection between a user and a brand. It has been observed that, highly engaged users buy more, promote more, and bespeak more loyalty. In basic marketing terms user engagement is a synonym given to customer engagement.

For a fuss app an engaged user should be logging in every day to add and complete items whereas for an invoicing app an engaged user might only log in once per month. Stated goal is to improve customer satisfaction at every stage of experience, and since every brand is focused to meet this goal this creates a competitive difference. User engagement is the analysis of the time spent on website, flow of activity and click action of the user. Tracking these stats of spending time and action proves to be the essential starting measures in assessing the growth graph.

A customer doesn’t need to engage with the brand only, they are in the air to interact amongst themselves to add a pinch of trust and build communities run on their own.

Why is it important to engage users?

Engage to Retain

If the website is catchy enough it becomes bit easy to attract audience, challenges begin when retention rate is low. Perhaps, engaging your customer is the way to draw them closer and that’s where the magic starts to happen.
Studies by Kissmetrics show that 96% of first-time visitors to company websites won’t return.
Customers prove to be the lifeblood of any business. User engagement boost the growth of all the business regardless of domain of function. Clear aim should be educating and entertaining the users to foster satisfaction and gain retention.
One can experiment different engagement strategies to improve retention, varied results are seen as per the audience and their choices.

There are quite a few reasons why retaining is always a better strategy:

/ A lot of marketing effort and budget is required in getting new user every now and then.
/ You can never have a user base to bank upon at any point in time.
/ Low user engagement, means higher bounce rate which directly hits Google not to like your website and clarifies the fact that the user experience was not good and don’t like the website either.

Recent findings

/ Hall and Partners’ “Engager” model, shows that up to 2/3 of a brand’s profits may rely on effective user engagement.
/ “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research also took a stab at it, claiming that they “…see companies who have improved engagement increase cross-sell by 22%, drive up-sell revenue from 13% to 51%, and also increase order sizes from 5% to 85%.”
/ Gallup research shows that a fully-engaged user represents 23% more revenue than average.

If you don’t have a customer engagement strategy, you could be missing opportunities to interact with customers and build a relationship with them.

Let the user promote

Do not focus on the traditional way of promotions by display advertisements just to pull attention. Perhaps user engagement build trust by interacting with real people. Real are the people who use the product talk about it and give recommendations, unlike the display advertisements wherein display ads speak a lot about the merchandise but creates no relevance.

Vinfotech understands the importance of genuinely which comes with user engagement. We have taken a brand-new approach of factual strategies. Blind follow trends are taking turns, and this is the time for real fun. Get associated with us to build trust in your customers and give better user worldliness.

  • Engage the customer to foster retention
  • Understanding the behavior and provide solutions
  • Let the customer trust

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