Integration of wearable devices in EMR system

Stakeholders need to challenge traditional practice to make interoperability happen with better wearable device integration with EMR systems.

Most common pervasive challenges in healthcare are communication gaps and data-sharing, continuing between different providers, hospitals, and payers along with various segments within a healthcare ecosystem. Upheaval in healthcare technology promises a future of connected networks with a free-flowing information. This is to bridge the gap between information silos to improve patient healthcare. Jotting the surplus of data sources relevant to patient care management is highly cumbersome but important. Healthcare organizations get distracted from their core competency, while integrating these data sources and acting as a huge blockade to innovation.

Fitness trackers have the potential to keep track of one’s health. Even better custom wearable devices can be integrated to electronic medical records systems. This makes the patient stay motivated with health and fitness goals, while keeping data safe and secure at one point. Fitness monitoring system avails the providers with best space to track of the progress done by their patient, may be in-terms of dirt, more physical exercises or some other recommendation as per the health issues.

Technology advancement in healthcare sector has made it possible to integrate wearable devices with EMR system. It’s clear to say that Vinfotech offers you more than merely an EMR software.

Market Situation

Business conditions encourage providers to practice the wearable devices which are fully efficient to provide interoperable care. There must be standards, or benchmarks to define interoperability. Rapid innovation in wireless technology signifies that interoperability is attainable and must be promoted for all the wearable devices in healthcare ecosystem.

Not every provider or hospital is using EMR solutions for their healthcare practice. Today’s market situation demands to adopt the latest technological trends and follow standards like HIPAA, HL7, and IHE to better healthcare practice and improve patient care.

With the context of limited non-standardized medical devices and dearth of interoperability leads us to search for a standard solution, leading to connect various wearable devices with EMR system and provide a flawless workflow.

Integration of Wearable Devices with EMR Usage Model by Vinfotech

Wearable device integration with EMR is the practice that automatically connects various health, laboratory, fitness, and medical devices with any EMR clinical system in hospital ecosystem. Solutions is done with the base of standard protocols such as HL7.

/ Data format includes 16-bit digital data and XML
/ Encryption & decryption enabling
/ System-specific data management interface library with flexible clinical systems network
/ Preprogrammed data acquisition, connection and device detection
/ Medical app interfacing with the use of ActiveX and web services
/ Automatic device behavioral notification based on radio range
/ Allowing frequency selection, parameter & unit mapping, frequency selection, unit conversion and data manipulation
/ Pluggable device-specific interface library providing easy support for data formats and varying device protocol
/ HL7 v2.x/IHE, CCR and proprietary binary/text format are supported

The Road Forward

Wearable devices integration with EMR has the potential to make your practice very smooth. Through this you get access to routine fitness data along with chronic decease records including treatment plans, lab results, messaging, education tools, and lifestyle tracking. Also, patient record charting, automated appointment scheduling, notifications are some of the features for better medical practice.

Vinfotech provides HIPAA compliant integration of wearable devices with EMR solutions resulting in features like accessibility, portability, and multi-functionality. This integration will provide with superior patient’s overall health.

  • Comprehensive, valuable and reliable source of data for clinical diagnosis
  • Accurate timing records
  • Zero effort data mining
  • Enhanced eHealth literacy

About Vinfotech

Whether you are looking out to build a chatbot on top of your telehealth app as a smart symptom tracker, or take charge of improving overall healthcare experience of your hospital by connecting your staff, doctors and patients over a gamified online community integrated with various fitness wearables and medical devices, turn to Vinfotech.

Vinfotech is design-led healthcare ecosystem software provider for governments, healthcare organizations, care providers, medical ISVs, device manufacturers and software product companies with following expertise:
/ Healthcare online communities (for patients, hospitals & donors)
/ Telehealth
/ E-prescription
/ Coordinated care solutions
/ Chatbot, medical device and wearable integration
/ Any custom web/ mobile app

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