Why custom EMR is better than open EMR?

While there are many open EMR solutions in the market, it is always advisable to work on a custom EMR solution. So how is custom made EMR solutions better than open EMR?

The market growth for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) has been on the rise. In the year 2014, it was evaluated at USD 18.93 billion, and is now forecasted to hit a USD 30 billion mark by the year 2023. The IT world has been booming with Healthcare clients as more and more medical institutions are implementing the latest technology to provide their patients with the best healthcare solutions. Using electronic medical system can help you throw sloppiness out of the window and get your staff more organized while maintaining all those medical and financial data. Having such technological advancements on your side can also help avoid medical errors to a great extent.

Open EMR platforms

There are many physicians and medical institutes that have been working on open electronic medical record system to maintain a medical history and prescriptions of their patients. While such solutions are free to use and so, easy on the pocket- they don’t have advanced features such as handwriting recognition and aren’t very user friendly. They don’t come with a strong security system and so there is a threat of disclosing the medical records to unwanted eyes. There are so many unnecessary complexities involved in such open software that are of no good use to any medical practice.

Custom made EMR solutions

The custom EMR software solutions come packed with a lot of benefits. As a healthcare body or physician, you can have some interesting functionalities included to the solution that enhances their working efficiency and organizes the administration work exponentially. You can have a user interface that suits your staff understanding and at the same time help your patient navigate around for their medical reports quite smoothly. A customized EMR application comes with the capabilities of having a top-notch security integrated to the software so that no one can tamper with a patient’s medical history and gain access to information that shouldn’t reach them. You can even get rid of functionalities that are not really required by your staff avoid unnecessary complexities. You can even have a whole section that maintains the revenue and billing records, helping you calculate the financial aspect of your practice. Another feature that best fits with a very well-planned data security.

Benefits of Custom EMR Over Open EMR Vinfotech

Vinfotech aims to deliver a range of quality custom healthcare software development that help our client from the medical industry run their operations smoothly. We are known for our robust frameworks that have been developed over the years by a team of highly qualified professionals- so that we can deliver solutions that meet all your healthcare requirements worthy of every penny that you invest. For more information on our services of healthcare solutions please do reach out to us!

  • Electronic Medical Reporting is forecasted to be a 30 billion market by the year 2023
  • Despite the fact that they are more or less free, open EMR solutions are unreliable and complex
  • Customized EMR solutions help organize your medical practice as per your requirements only, making it worth all the investment
  • Customized EMR solutions are more secure so not only can you keep a track of your patients’ medical records, but also maintain your healthcare institutions finances

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