5 ways to kick-start your enterprise social network

Enterprise social networking is a comfortable way by which employees with shared business interests or outlooks can collaborate.

As we previously wrote series of blog posts on the topic why your company needs enterprise social networking in this blog post we will discuss 5 important points to Kick-Start Your Enterprise Social Network. The world we live in today is of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the high-end benefits that social networking offers. Enterprise social networking, a comfortable way by which employees can collaborate is a sub-structure of umbrella unit, social networking. To be specific, Enterprise Social Networking employs the use of online social networks among people who have same business interests.

ESN can be a significant tool for employees but only if it serves the right purpose. Most employees are preoccupied with their deadlines. They do not want to or do not feel the need to invest their energy and time on something that does not help them improve in a long haul.

Unless your ESN does not aim at a bigger target, refrain from giving it a shot. An ample amount of research is required to be put in before kick-starting any ESN. What is the purpose behind the set-up? Will it aide development in long run? How will it benefit employees in a go?

Once you are clear on the aforementioned aspects, you are good to go. Now, all you need to do is set some priorities for your ESN. Ones that are target-oriented such as development of learning tools or peer-to-peer innovation are more likely to succeed. Here are 5 ways to kick-start your Enterprise Social Networking.

1. Invite Jams

The most basic and traditional way of engaging with employees has always been conducting meetings, sessions and seminars. Though, these might help in initial stages, they do not offer the ‘connect’ to the employees to open up, engage and deliver their thoughts and outlooks.

Most often than not, they have a specific plan which focus on certain projects. They are a part of the 'mundane' approach that most businesses have. To make your platform a perfect business social network, give a try to jams. Throw random topics at people and let them open up, engage and participate in the discussion. Be innovative with the selection of the topic. Pick up the ones that can gauge equal interest from all. Allot a time-limit for every session. It will save the risk of draining people off and keeping the session lively.

2. Narrate Tales

Human brain is wired to catch information supported by facts and narratives faster than the ones provided in chunks. We tend to absorb information in an effective manner when it is substantiated with factual data and figures.

Use your ESN to tell stories. Add a personal touch to the information presented on your social networking platform. Share your customer experiences, or incidents that you can recall from all the amazing conferences and events you have been a part of. Open up as much as you can and try to share your experiences from a creative perspective adding an emotional bit to it. This will help the audience to connect with your network on a personal level. It will open avenues for communication and increase the probability of people joining in the discussions that you hold on your ESN.

3. Build a Community

Each organization has people with shared interests, business goals or outlooks. However, the problem is that mostly these people do not find a tool or means to reflect their interests. How about creating a community around these shared interests? Such a community can represent the shared interests, and the needs of an organization. It can benefit businesses in long run. The activities of such communities can be transported to ESN tool, which can be more engaging and organized.

As far as customers are concerned, nothing works better for them than the possibility of being able to connect with a brand on an emotional level. If a brand wishes to achieve the agenda of gauging more customers through an emotional connection, the best way for one to do so is to create a social network around it. Such a network helps brands connect with customers in a more direct manner, thereby increasing profitability and productivity. Customers can share their ideas and interests on such platforms. This will be a win-win proposition for both, brands and customers.

4. Crowd-source Answers with Right Questions

Crowd-sourcing works best for ESNs. All you need to take care of is 'asking the right question' that can pique enough interest among people that they are willing to respond and answer. Asking the right question helps in engaging more workforce. Put emphasis on asking questions of universal interest, ones that you feel can pique employees' interest readily. One right question asked at a right time will engage the right amount of traffic on your ESN.

5. Look for Catalysts

By researching well, you will always find people who already thrive in your ESN. These people can act as catalysts for your ESN. You can identify these people through social networking analysis. Try to find out who they are networking with. They can help you a lot in figuring out the perfect tools that can work well for your ESN

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  • The world we live in today is closely knit because of social networking
  • ESN employs use of online social networks among people having same business interests
  • ESNs which are target oriented are more likely to succeed
  • An ample amount of research is required to be put in before kick-starting any ESN

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