Reasons why your company needs Enterprise Social Networking: Part 1

For an organization, communication rules the roost. Read how enterprise social networks can help your business.

Within the context of an organization, communication rules the roost. Be it through an email or a meeting, a memo or even a manager standing in the bay and loudly announcing the new information.

But emails are noisy. So are meetings. The endless chains of cc’s and bcc’s where every person responds to every other person, causing an exponential blast of communication simultaneously. Same with a meeting. How often, a simple discussion descends into an open extempore of cacophonous opinions and arguments.

This is the reason why you need Enterprise Social Network, whether you’re a 3-person startup or a 30000-employee strong business.


1. Context and Communication.

Make no mistake. Enterprise Social Networking is not about connecting and sharing. Its about connecting effectively and sharing effectively. Enterprise social networks provides one platform for conversation. This platform is distraction free, immune to interruptions, resilient to miscommunication.Effective communication also includes timing and accessibility. Enterprise social networks are the essentially mobile tools of knowledge. They are also informal, quicker and lightweight in terms of communication model. Now your employees don’t just have one platform to collaborate, they have that one platform everywhere they could possibly need it.

With features of real-time live feed, comment and search functionality, information becomes imminently accessible, indexable and searchable. Members and managers can provide both, open access as well as compartmentalization, to the information they post, depending on the personnel relevance.

Enterprise social networks provide a secure, real time communication portal with multi-device accessibility. Employees can leverage the network to seek guidance or support, expertise or collaboration. Your Human Capital becomes streamlined, communicative and more importantly, responsive!

2. Collaboration

How often a good idea that was both long term benefit-oriented and deployable with minimal results has cropped up in your mind? How many times do you think something similar has cropped up in the mind of a manager or an HR or the CEO?

If you’re a CEO, imagine having this idea, generating enthusiasm and then watching it fade away as the routine resumes and takes over instead of innovation.

This is where Enterprise Social Networks are important. They act as idea incubators and platforms for further improvement. Enterprise Social Networks allow a good idea to be further sharpened into a great idea. A great idea that everyone is on board with, everyone else can refer to regardless of when they join the conversation and they know where to find the information.

3. Knowledge Management

One of the key tactics to encourage ownership and innovation and keep a record of these initiatives is to provide an environment. Employees are often right in the middle of the battle when they have a flash of strategic brilliance. Or your organisation can simply choose that you need a new game plan.

Enterprise Social Networks act as a repository of these initiatives. From the ideation, the initial discussion, the updates, every relevant personnel can go back and refer to the established parameters through the enterprise social network. A Knowledge Base that contains the information, the source and the person who can be credited for bringing in that knowledge. From posts to PDFs to files and documents, one centralized hub of knowledge can be established through an enterprise social network.

Where the innovation that happens in an organization can be recorded and stored without the overly heavy weight documentation. Where employees and management can access a succinct summary of every new initiative right on their fingertips and within the right context. They can capture Tacit Knowledge.

We specialise in enterprise social network development including an impressive focus on B2B and corporate social networks.Give us a call to know more.

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