How to replace an outdated intranet the Vinfotech way?

In the world of enterprise social networks, intranet is an ancient way of communication and problem solving. It’s time to change.

One of the biggest ironies of the software industry is that even in the companies known for being the best in software development, employees dread dealing with any customised update. “If it’s on the local, it’s gonna hurt”, a universal rule. Mostly because getting a software installed on the company machine, is often harder(and sometimes even more time consuming) than building the software on your own. Some employees would rather prefer switching jobs to raising a ticket to get the latest update of Java. The situation is even worse for other industries. Intranet sometimes seems like a big black hole, with no outputs, just sucking in requests. Vinfotech has got a way out though.

Oh no, we are not aiming for a Physics Nobel prize. All we at Vinfotech aim to do is to help you make your intranet as good as the internet. Or even better - a trusted enterprise social network. Is that even possible?

The ancient challenges of the intranet

An outdated intranet makes for a difficult working environment. For it is the intranet that is used to raise IT tickets, get the details of company policies, apply leaves, fill in timesheets, everything from onboarding process to retirement benefits. In short, Intranet is the internet of your organization. Intranet is meant to be the place where employees get the information they need, when they need it. But for most companies, not keeping in pace with the evolving technology for their intranet has spelled a sort of information doom. It has made their intranet a place where employees come to get the information they want and end up searching for ways to get that information out of it.
In a world where same-day delivery is fast becoming a norm, having a three to five day wait period for getting a simple request completed in one’s own company is so ancient. This methodology has got to change.

Enterprises need real-time collaboration

Ever heard of social networks? Yes, the same thing using which people can reach out to any company they want to contact? Doesn’t it make sense to provide your employees with such a platform? But social network for organizations is too expensive and does not cater to your requirements, you say. Well, that’s where we come in.

After we understand your organization’s software needs, we will build a social network for your organization that can help you solve the typical collaboration challenges. We can help you convert your intranet into a true enterprise collaboration platform or what’s popularly known as Enterprise Social Networks. This would result in lower ticket resolving time, increased productivity of your IT infrastructure team as they can finally work towards solving real issues rather than spending their time working on queries about the system itself. Turning your intranet to a true social collaboration tool will also increase the productivity of other employees as they can collaborate in real time.

Together, we can integrate your intranet in such a way that your organization stops functioning as multiple entities with no knowledge sharing and collaboration among the departments anymore. Enterprise social networks encourage collaboration through discussion forums and with proper knowledge management, employees find it easy to find solutions for their problems. vSocial, Vinfotech’s homegrown mobile-first platform, with more than 25000 hours(and counting) invested on it, is the world’s best social media application development software. As a result, we ensure a seamless experience for our customers by properly importing the existing intranet database to their latest social collaboration platform. The mobile-first approach can help the employees get help on the go. For our existing customers, our intuitive UI implementation and better self service options have resulted in lower IT issues as well.

vSocial revitalizes your organization’s intranet with extremely useful and easy to use features like -
/ activity streams
/ discussion forums
/ maintaining a common knowledge base
It can help your employees get better and more accurate answers more quickly with its questions and answers platform.It can help you organize polls and contests and events for your employees. It allows the users to create common interest groups which helps them to participate in the activities and events of their interest. Sharing files with friends and groups and updating it as and when required is as simple as sharing something on Whatsapp.

Take a look at this comparison -

Comparison Between Enterprise Social Networks and Intranet by Vinfotech

Still, what about the cost? Vinfotech highly disagrees on the current norm in enterprise social networks of charging companies for each user. This way, you have to pay for the inactive users as well. Instead, we charge you as per the actual usage.

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  • Intranet delays communication and hence action
  • Enterprise social network facilitates action
  • Employee collaboration platforms enable discussion forums
  • These tools also maintain a common knowledge base
  • Vinfotech can integrate your intranet data with a collaboration platform

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