React technology is solving the problem of app performance in a big way

How to roll out an application faster and in less cost? Try React.js and Native application development

A few years ago, companies looking for a scalable and user-friendly mobile app, did not opt for cross-platform development. Some of their reasons couldn’t be denied:

/ Cross-platform product affects performance of the app
/ Such mobile apps were not very user-friendly in terms of design and navigation
/ They were more difficult to update

As a result, only those companies opted for cross-platform mobile app development who were – a] looking to save the cost and roll out the product quickly and/or b] not sure which OS was better and wanted a middle way.

Clearly, there was a gap in the market.

/ Spend more if you wanted high-performing native apps (meaning spend in the development of say Android and iOS)
/ Focus less on UI and UX and roll out a basic cross-platform mobile app

What was the solution to this problem?

A win-win situation where a cross-platform product would perform like a native app and yet its development would be affordable. This solution was inevitable because the market was no longer divided into two lobbies of operating systems. Along with the entry of more OSes such as Windows on mobile, the types of devices also varied in terms of look and feel. A UX of an iPad is different from that of an Amazon Kindle.

Enter React native development. This changed everything.

React native development gave rise to a new kind of development that saved time, cost and the confusion about choosing the right platform. Today, it’s the tried and tested method of mobile application development that ensures that the performance of the mobile application is exactly the same across all kinds of devices and operating systems. Yay!

React native app development gives much more freedom to the application development team, can be with comparatively less resources, can save time and cost for most companies. However, it’s important to understand the difference between native app development and native cross-platform development.

Comparison – Native App Development and Native Cross Platform Development by Vinfotech

How is a React native application developed?

In React native application development, a third-party vendor can choose a programming language and can create a unified API over a native SDK. For the purpose of making it native, the vendor can provide an IDE that supervises the process of building the native app bundle for say iOS and Android from the single codebase (called cross-platform). As a result, the developer gets the best of both worlds – the cost-efficient quick mobile app development and the performance of native app development.

How to build scalable React native mobile apps?

There are two factors that stand out:

#1 Write business logic using cross-platform libraries

Since the UI and UX design are different in Android and iOS, developers can write web service calls as well as business logic using cross-platform libraries. Then they can write GUI-related queries using platform-specific libraries. This results in re-use of code easily and yet gives a native user experience.

# 2. Use React native framework

Developers must stop porting between mobile platforms. Instead of this, they can use opt for React native mobile app development. With React framework, there’s no need to construct parallel codebases in Java and Swift. With the help of React Native framework, developers need to maintain only a single JavaScript codebase for both Android and iOS platforms.

Vinfotech has React native developers

You can now hire a React native developer and get your mobile application rolling more quickly and smoothly. Vinfotech provides React native development services and we have built several high-performing native cross-platform applications. We are a React web and and mobile application development company with a track record of rolling out mobile apps with great user experience. Contact us for more details.

  • React native development gave rise to cross-platform development that saved time, cost and the confusion about choosing the right platform
  • The look and feel of cross-platform native apps have now improved and they offer native-like performance
  • Now a third-party vendor can choose a programming language and can create a unified API over a native SDK

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