React native app v/s Hybrid app – What's best for you

React Native App development helps you enjoy best of both worlds- offer Native features to your audience, with faster turnaround and quicker deployment.

All businesses need a mobile app to reach their customers and clients. By 2020, mobile app downloads will reach 284 billion globally. Mobile apps have become focal of customer service operations and rule the world of business in all major industries. In the world of apps, companies now look to shorten the development cycles, demand quick deployment, and look for enhanced app performance. Mobile app development has been forever torn between two ends of the spectrum- apps that can be easily & quickly deployed on multiple platforms, or apps that provide a better user experience.

The mid-ground to this dilemma is hybrid app development. Hybrid apps are the mobile applications built using technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, which are then wrapped in a container to run natively on all devices and OSes. But, hybrid app development strips mobile apps of their native and more appealing user experience.

React native app development helps you get the best of both worlds- while offering the ease of development and a quick turnaround, it also imparts native features to apps. Facebook's react native UI design framework has become a sensation for developers who were always looking for something like it. React native developers, as a result, have instantly come into demand for the magic they can work through react native app development.

React native development services take native app development to a whole other level. And, this is why, we want to look at the difference it makes to choose react native as your development platform, as opposed to any other hybrid/native app development framework.

Businesses weigh their options for mobile app development based on insufficient knowledge. While hybrid apps allow for quicker development cycles, often developers face the cruelty of browser-specific bugs- wasting hours resolving issues. Contrary to that, native apps offer tailored customer experiences, but cost both in terms of time and money. React native development services allow businesses to leverage best of both worlds. React native apps are easy to develop, quick to deploy, and close to native features.

Here's a comprehensive account of the factors that demarcate hybrid app development from react native app development. Make sure your app counts- and is not merely a drop in the ocean.

React Native – Leading Framework for App Development by Vinfotech

React native development services- why the frenzy?

Here are some differentiating factors that demarcate React Native from any other app development platform-

# Reusable components render natively – React Native development utilizes reusable “native components” to compile to native directly. For a consistent look and feel of the mobile apps, there are counterparts of the components available in iOS or Android, in react. Consequently, the apps have the overall look and feel they'd have when developed completely native.

# Write once run everywhere – React Native developers are not expected to write code once and use it everywhere. Rather, we want developers to use the specific components which best exhibit Native nature of the platform. On the contrary, hybrid apps are made to be written once and executed anywhere, but Ionic still adapts its behaviour according to the platform.

# Ease of testing – With react native app development, developers need not recompile and rebuild code as they make modifications. Instead, they can instantly see the result reflected on an emulator or a real device. Hybrid apps too provide this facility to preview the app in a browser or mobile device. The changes are refreshed and reflected in the screen instantly.

# Languages and development models – React Native is based on React, the JavaScript framework. It uses JavaScript code that closely resembles HTML, but is termed as JSX. Also, there is a blending of the display logic and the business logic with react native. However, hybrid apps are built using Angular- a JavaScript framework- which resonates with the Model-View-Controller pattern as the views and the logic are entirely separated.

# Browser compatibility – React Native does away with all the browser compatibility issues so that react native developers can focus on the logic and user experience, rather than wasting time trying to fix bugs that only appear on one web browser. Apparently, hybrid app development brings along all those challenges. Developers need to dedicate valuable time trying to fix bugs across browsers- when they could be doing something more important.

# User experience – User experiences are the foremost factors businesses bet massively on. With react native development, app performances are much better as they feel like native. The superior quality of animations and seamless functioning of apps is something react native apps boast of. Hybrid apps exhibit performance issues on low-end devices. And, users of low-end phones are a significant number you don't want to miss out on.

React native development services bring speed and flexibility to web app development- thus allowing for a native experience san the cons that usually came with it. React native app development allows you to experience best of both worlds- Hybrid and Native.

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If you have made up your mind to leverage React native app development for your next mobile app project, you need react native developers who stay on top of trends, strategize mobile app development, and lay out a roadmap to develop seamless UI experiences and Native look and feel through react native development.

At Vinfotech, we house a team of React Native developers who are proficient in designing and developing best-in-class mobile apps that cater to various leading industries. Get your Native mobile app done, and get it fast with our efficient development process. Stand out from the crowd. We enable your mobile app to leave a lasting impression on its users. Convert and optimize through your business mobile app.

Call us to discuss your next-big mobile app idea. Let's realize your dreams, together!

  • Hybrid apps and react native apps differ on several standpoints
  • React native is the leading framework for app development
  • Reusable components in react native impart the native look and feel based on the platform
  • React native app development introduces ease of testing with no need to reload/rebuild
  • React native development services do away with browser compatibility issues, forever
  • React native apps allow businesses to exceed expectations for customer experiences

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