Choose the best UI kit for react native

React native UI toolkits prove to be the best sources of creating rich UI experience.

React native is our current favourite open-source JavaScript library that allows developers to build cross-platform apps. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow, react grew in popularity among developers by a whopping 150% from 2017 to 2018. This newfound love for react native development nudged us to see how react native developers are building beautiful and captivating user interfaces with the framework.

Building UI in react native is not a very different experience for someone who has been building user interfaces for the web.

Here is a list of the top react native UI component frameworks-

# Material UI – Material design is a popular web and mobile app design language Google developed in 2014. Using components from the material-UI, you can leverage material design elements in your react native mobile app. Material-UI is the most popular and widely used react UI library on GitHub.

# React bootstrap – React bootstrap, at resent, targets bootstrap v3, but the developers are working to bring in support for bootstrap v4. With 13k stars on Github, this library is a popular one amongst react native developers.

# Grommet – Grommet is a complete framework and design system in itself. It is well beyond just being a set of UI components. Developed by a team at Hewlett Packard, the system comes with guidelines for layout, language, and everything in between. The simple yet appealing designs in the framework are a hit amongst react native mobile app developers.

# Ant design react – This react UI library contains a set of exceptional quality components for helping react native developers build interactive, immersive, and rich user interfaces. This library comes packaged with development and design resources and tools.

# Blueprint – Blueprint is used for building data-extensive and complex web interfaces for applications. This UI library is the right mix of CSS components and JavaScript components.

# Reactstrap – Created in Feb 2016, the library has 5400+ stars on GitHub today and is fondly called an easy-to-use react bootstrap 4 components package. Bootstrap fans love working with Reactstrap to create the best UI experiences.

# React toolbox – A set of react components that helps developers to implement Google material design, react toolbox is built on top of CSS Modules, ES6, and Webpack. The library boasts of about 8k stars on Github and is fairly popular for react native web development.

# Semantic UI react – The official react integration for semantic UI, semantic UI React stands at 6.5k+ stars on Github. The library is used by the likes of Amazon, Netflix, and other phenomenal organizations.

React native mobile app development is a mix of rich functionalities and immersive experiences. Developers believe it is harder to develop UI for the smaller device but react native libraries we listed make the process much easier.

Our react native developers at Vinfotech often prefer using individual components over entire libraries. That is another way for react native developers to build rich UI experiences! Call us for more information.

  • All kinds of domain can be benefited from react native UI toolkit
  • The popularity of react native is inevitable
  • Grommet proves to be the best design system in itself
  • Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Myntra are few on the prominent brands using react native

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