eRx helping Pharmacies to sell more medicines

Streamline your pharmacy operations to improve patient care and optimize revenue.

eRx is an important development in the field of healthcare. The field has developed quickly following the passage of the US Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) in 2009. It provides a solution that can change how medical institutions operate. It can also help curb drug abuse. So how does eRx software system work and how does it help the pharmacies to sell more medicines?

eRx Solutions for Pharamacy and Healthcare Providers by Vinfotech

Risks of handwritten prescriptions

Doctors across the world have handwriting that can be difficult to read and understand. Due to this, the handwritten prescriptions aren’t always as reliable, and pose a risk of being misread or misinterpreted. It is troubling to think that the common mistake of misreading a doctor’s handwriting- termed as a “chicken scratch” amongst the pharmacists, can impact someone’s medical condition quite critically. Bad handwriting can lead to misinterpretation for the dosage of the medicine, causing serious ill-effects on the patient.

eRx solution

e-prescription software solution can mitigate the risks of a wrong spelling, a bad handwriting, or misinterpretation of a handwritten prescription slip. eRx solutions provides a direct way of electronically connecting authorized doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to any participating pharmacy. The patient can collect their prescription of the pharmacy of their choice, or have the medicines delivered to them. Healthcare institutions can send out error-free prescriptions directly to the participating eRx pharmacy. E-prescription saves this medicinal information for future use, contributing to the medical history of an individual.

eRx for good business

A misinterpreted or misspelt prescription can harm the health of a patient which is bad for the pharmaceutical industry. eRx software solutions significantly reduce the prescribing and dispensing errors on both the healthcare institutions’ and the pharmacies’ end. It also reduces the time required to execute a prescription. With everything fully documented and away online, patients don’t have to worry about losing a prescription slip, or missing out on refills. eRx solutions can notify a patient and a pharmacy of an upcoming refill date, ensuring that the patient remains compliant to the prescribed medication.

Users of eRx software can find the alternative medicines, with the same compositions, that are more affordable to the patient, allowing them to stay compliant to the prescription, without feeling the burn in their pockets. With the whole process more organized, a patient has more confidence in the medicines. Currently 20% prescriptions aren’t filled - a rate that could be reduced through better medication adherence.

eRx helps save time wasted on follow-ups with the doctors’ offices, such as clarifications or authentications required for certain drugs, faxing of prescriptions to the pharmacies, and even during the process of renewal requests.

Security from drug abuse and fraudulent

e-prescription records all basically the medical history of each individual in a database. eRx monitors the usage of the prescribed drugs, preventing them from falling into the hands of drug abusers and other such frauds. Eliminating handwritten prescriptions would also curb the prevalence of false medical bills.

Vinfotech offers wide range of healthcare software solutions varying as per the needs of pharmacies. These software helps to eliminate the gap between doctors, pharmacist and patient due to poor handwriting and ensure that they have the right drug dispensed to the patient.

Vinfotech is customized eRx software solutions provider, helping pharmacy to enhance their medication dispensing process timely. Such solutions are important for doctors, pharmacists, healthcare consultant and patients to avoid any misinterpretation of prescription. To bring eRx into your practice contact us.

  • Handwritten prescriptions aren’t always as reliable, and pose a risk of being misread
  • Connecting healthcare providers, to a pharmacy
  • Reduces the prescribing and dispensing errors
  • Minimizing efforts required to execute a prescription
  • eRx can identify alternative medicines that have the same compositions

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