How eRx is improving medication adherence?

Patients like the convenience of electronic prescriptions. Studies suggest patients comply with their medication regimen more closely when using eRx than when using paper prescriptions.

Patient adherence to instructions for taking their medications is a critical concern, especially for patients who take multiple medications. Many older patients have to juggle several different prescriptions. It can be challenging for them to remember the details of each, how one can differ from others, and how they may interact with each other.
Fortunately, custom eRx solutions can make tracking these details easier for patients, as well as for the healthcare providers and pharmacists entrusted with helping these patients.

Patients find e-prescribing convenient

Studies indicate that patients overwhelming like the convenience of e-prescriptions. Over 80% of patients in one survey indicated a preference for e-prescriptions. That favorable attitude may make them more inclined to comply with their medications as well.

For patients, e-prescriptions make the process of getting medications more predictable. Patients like that electronics prescriptions are automatically transmitted. They also like that with eRx there is nothing to lose or misplace, which can be a concern with paper prescriptions. Patients also appreciate that electronic prescriptions are typically ready for them to collect immediately when they visit their pharmacy. When they need to bring a paper prescription, in contrast, they often have to wait while the pharmacist prepares their prescription.

E-prescriptions boost patient prescription pick up

Studies suggest that e-prescriptions may increase the rate that prescriptions are picked up. That can a significant factor in improving adherence: Getting the patient to start taking their medication promptly. According to survey data, patients do not believe they are less inclined to pick up paper prescriptions. But it is easy to see how paper prescriptions can lead to annoyances that can interfere with patient compliance. With paper prescriptions, patients act as a messenger carrying their order to the pharmacy. They can be discouraged from asking questions about the prescription.

E-prescriptions can provide patients with more detailed information that’s easier to understand. In some cases, patients can explore whether there are cheaper generic drugs available, or lower cost substitutes. With the patient more in charge, compliance is bound to increase.

Pharmacists can use custom electronic prescription software to follow up with patients who fail to pick up their prescriptions. This follow up can clarify any confusion the patient may have about the prescription and what they need to do.

E-prescriptions may encourage better patient communication with health providers

Adherence depends on trust and understanding of patients. A survey of patients indicates they believe that have better discussions with their healthcare providers when using e-prescriptions compared to paper prescriptions.
Custom electronic prescription services provide a common basis for discussion between patient, provider, and pharmacist.
Patients have complete and accessible information about their prescriptions. They feel more empowered to ask questions they may have.
When patients pick up a newly prescribed medication, pharmacists can easily see that it is a new prescription and have a discussion with the patient about the prescription.
Prescribers can check formulations and see drug interactions. Having information readily available makes a meaningful discussion easier.
E-prescribing software development creates a platform supporting better communication between the patient, the prescriber and the pharmacist.

Putting the focus on the patient

Custom electronic prescription services remove the procedural steps that can create errors or delays. Custom eRx solutions bring greater focus to proper adherence to medication usage. For healthcare providers, custom electronic prescription software can be integrated with electronic medical records, offering the possibility to track and monitor patient compliance with medications over the long term. Want to try for your wellness? Talk to us!

  • e-prescriptions remove procedural barriers to patient adherence
  • Patients consider eRx as more convenient than paper prescriptions
  • Custom eRx solutions can facilitate patient communication with providers and pharmacists
  • Studies indicate that patients tend to pick up e-prescriptions more promptly

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