Fans now engage in social networks for sports

Sport, by its character, is meant to be shared. And today there are more opportunities that fans can count for this sharing.

Sport, by its character, is meant to be shared. And today there are more opportunities that fans can count for this sharing. On one hand, 70% of fans are bringing mobile phones to sport stadiums and engaging in social networking while watching the game. On the other, there’s a huge fan base sitting at home that constantly shares, updates, reads, debates sports events on sports social networks.

Along with fans, now athletes, teams, coaches, league organizers and managers are on social networks for sports. Football stadiums such as Liverpool’s Anfield and the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City now offer fans Wi-Fi facility that not only leads to more interactions at live events but also more commercial activity. Barcelona has become the world’s largest sports club on social media with followers expected to approach 150 million this year. This shows how badly fans need social networks for sports.
Sports social networks easily provide up-to-date information, data analytics, live video streaming and highlights of games such as soccer, football, cricket, tennis etc, past data of teams and players, fixtures, notifications of games and so on. Sports fans don’t need to wait for the telecast to watch a replay anymore.
This doubles the fun and the thrill that is so closely associated with sports fanship. Since minor and major league teams and players are there too, fan interactions is now more personalized. Sports rights holders have the option of engaging fans via social network portal with newer opportunities for sponsorships, eCommerce in-app purchases like team merchandise and funding. Social network application development world may have found a new unicorn in sports social network.

MySportsShare unites fans, athletes and teams

A social network portal that’s bringing amateurs and semi professional athletes, players, fans and teams together is MySportsShare. The players can showcase their skills and manage their performances. They also easily get noticed since users get to manage their personal and team stats, standings, fixtures and events while enabling them to share these with people all over the world.

If you feel inspired to build such a competitive sports social network and are looking to hire social network developers, we would love to hear from you.

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