Book lovers want their own social networks

Book lovers need their own social media. The book loving community has become more vocal now and they need exclusive voice.

Ever since its inception, social media has managed to hold a strong presence in our day-to- day lives. It holds the power to shape our minds and educate us about so many things. We all have our own way of making use of this online space to enjoy whatever it is that we like. We get to share our favorite music, thoughts, pictures, experiences, opinion- whatever that molds our lives. One such hobby that most of us love to indulge into, and that we can share about- would be reading books. This saga has led to an arising need for book-specific social media platforms, where people can connect over poetry, literature, blogs, articles, quotes, scriptures- writings that are worth sharing.

Trends about books and e-books

BookMap, a new global book market study project, reported in 2017 the global book markets were to be valued at 122 billion euros – that’s $143 bn USD. According to PwC, consumer e-book revenue is projected to grow from 8.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2013 to 18.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. E-books are the new fad, thanks to Amazon Kindle that made e-books give out the feel of hard copies. This coupled with the fact that PDF formats are now available on phones, the trend of e-books is not going away. Considering these figures, a few things stand out-
-Books and e-books are keeping the reading culture alive
-These book readers need forums and platforms for discussions

Why do people want to discuss books on social media?

The main aim of this part of social media is to connect all the book lovers and avid readers out there, who then share their book lists and reviews. One can spark some really interesting discussions based on the plot of various books, writers, their style of writing, the metaphorical meanings, characters- just about anything that they wish to talk about. It gives readers a new perspective around the books that they have read, helping them understand the aspects that they never considered. You don’t necessarily have to be an avid reader to be a part of such book clubs. You can just browse around and read bits and pieces that interest you.

Social networks on books

Goodreads is the most famous social media platform that poses as a great book club. It comprises of polls, reviews, book suggestions, surveys, discussions and blogs. You can find billions of quotes from some real interesting books and movies- translated in various languages. Such social media platforms provide a comment section on its pages, where people can freely indulge into meaningful discussions about the various books and quotes.

Acquired by Amazon in the year 2013, Goodreads is a social media book club that has around 65 million user accounts. We have similar networks such as LibraryThing and BookCrossing where you can maintain your book list and have their own catalogs directly linked with Amazon.

There’s also Wattpad - a social network for readers and writers. People actively discuss books, write fan fiction apart from creating their own fiction novels. This platform too has polling, liking and sharing options along with forums and discussions.

At Vinfotech, we help you build your own social networking platform for all those book readers out there. You can integrate some really special features link maintaining a library of as many books as possible for readers. Our team of experts comes loaded with years of experience and can provide a complete solution that includes consultancy, engineering, designing and community support. For any further queries, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

  • There are social networking platforms for book readers
  • These platforms pose as book clubs, with millions if people sharing their thoughts and reviews of various books
  • You can maintain a list of books that you have read, and the ones that you would like to read
  • Goodreads is one such social networking platform, which consists of suggestions, lists, reviews and discussions

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