Telemedicine and EMR integration: A smart way to healthcare

Telemedicine has revolutionized healthcare like never before, cutting costs and reaching out to remote patients. What’s more efficient is an EMR integration with telemedicine. Read how.

Online technology in medical industry is making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and easier to use than ever before. If you use EMR, you might have already realized its ability of coordinating care for patients, storing their medical data and tracking their progress. If you use telemedicine software, you might be already aware of its numerous advantages including increased flexibility, efficiency and accuracy. But you may not have realized that when these two systems are integrated, they produce a powerhouse of clinical efficiency and that is why integration of telemedicine and EMR is regarded as one of the main identities of a good patient-centered medical home (PCMH).

Here are some finer aspects of the integration and how it can be beneficial-

1. Proper documentation of telemedicine visits

Telemedicine enables you to improve the quality of patient care but this improvisation can be effective only if all the telemedicine visits are documented properly. Entire videos of each virtual check-up need to be recorded and synced with the patients’ previous records so that the health progress can be tracked and analyzed whenever required. If the EMR development is done by integrating it with telemedicine software, this work can be done seamlessly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about missing any important data from being recorded or finding a particular record from the huge amount of stored data. The storing becomes easy, the data is organized, and if you’ve to look back to any old record, finding it is easy too.

2. Reduce duplication of records

Working on large amount of complex data twice can be tedious and absolute wastage of time especially when you have the choice of avoiding it. Although now you have EMR software for data keeping, there are chances of duplication of entries which can greatly impact your overall records and patient history. The linking of telemedicine with EMR helps you avoid such discrepancies. It streamlines record collection and eliminates duplicate data from virtual visits. So, you don’t have to search for a data in multiple places and get confused identifying the correct one. The integration of both technologies also helps avoiding reimbursement losses, administrative inefficiencies, resource drains, liability concerns, threats to patient safety etc by avoiding duplication of records.

3. Optimized workflow

You know that both telemedicine solutions and EMR software have their own importance and need in healthcare systems. Adopting both technologies would definitely boost your efficiency but managing both of them separately is not as easy as you think. Using a completely different telemedicine technology can be difficult to manage because it can add a whole new working process. Nobody would prefer the process to get tougher, confusing and time-consuming; and that is why the integration of both is preferable because it makes the work easy. Since your workflow is centered to EMR systems, telemedicine solutions are developed to work as an extension of EMR rather than a whole new separate system. So, you can get the benefits without worrying about time or confusion.

4. Patients are less hassled

There’s a difference between the way you and your staff use EMR applications and the way patients can use them. It is important to know what kind of access can be useful to patients and it needs to be ensured that the access is easy. If EMR applications are merged with telemedicine systems, the process of accessing virtual care can be made easier for the patients. This is a big contribution because these systems have the potential to benefit the physicians, staff, pharmacists as well as the patients. So the integration helps in making the best use of each of the technologies and ensures every user can get the intended benefits.

5. Right telemedicine provider for your EMR

Not all providers available in the market can be trusted because when you’re dealing with sensitive data related to patients’ health, you need to have a reliable technology. You cannot afford to compromise on the details and accuracy for the sake of benefits in return. Also, you may prefer to have some changes in the workflow despite the integration, to suit the workings of your healthcare facility. To ensure this, you must go for a provider who assures seamless integration with complete reliability.

Vinfotech is a market leader in building customized telehealth solutions. Our technology is developed considering EMR applications because majority of clinicians all over the world use an EMR and the company realizes the power of these two technologies individually as well as combined.
So, you see that the integration not only benefits the patients by offering better health services to them but also benefits you by offering convenience in a cost-effective and smart way. You just need to make sure that you get it done rightly.

  • Helps in proper documentation
  • Patients feel less hassled
  • Optimizes workflow
  • Reduces duplication of records

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