5 ways to gain more value by using e-prescription software

e-Prescription is growing immensely, not just because the technology has improved, but because of the substantial benefits for providers allowing flawless practice.

e-Prescription is a web-based software that digitalizes the process of prescribing medications. It replaces handwritten prescriptions, which aren’t always a reliable source of such important information. According to one study reported by the New York Times, 88 percent of handwritten prescriptions in America have legibility problems. eRx minimizes the confusion that can between a pharmacist and a physician when relying on handwritten prescriptions.

Providers adopting eRx benefit in five key ways:

/ Convenience
/ Security
/ Time savings
/ Costs savings
/ Patient security

e-prescription Software Design and Development by Vinfotech

Easy to use

eRx software is web-based solution. A patient’s medical information is stored online, making it accessible to any doctor, nurse or pharmacist that they want to visit. The practitioner can log in to a tablet, smartphone, iPad and other such devices at any time. A history of the patient’s past medications will also help them to prescribe a medicine that is most suitable to their condition.

Increased security

eRx software improves the security of prescriptions.  A survey conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found 6.2 million Americans over the age of 12 years have misused prescription psychotherapeutic drugs at least once. Another study reported by the American Medical Informatics Association revealed that 20 percent prescribers experienced prescription fraud. This included stolen prescription pads and alteration to the prescriptions.  Fraud can be eliminated if prescribers directly upload the prescription on the eRx portal using their login credentials.

Time savior

e-prescription software solution is very efficient and saves time for prescribers, pharmacists, and patients. The prescribers and the pharmacists can access the online library of drugs and use these references instead of needing to search for any alternative books or systems. The patient won’t be required to fetch their prescriptions and present them to the pharmacist for every new refill.  eRx software comes with a functionality that sends a reminder for an upcoming auto-refill. The patient can have their medicines delivered to them shortly after requesting a refill online and getting it authorized by their doctor directly.

Pocket friendly

Handwritten prescriptions often lead to confusion based on the poor handwriting or misspelled drugs. This results in physicians and pharmacists to have a call to one another to ensure that they have the right drug dispensed to the patient. In some cases, prescribed medicines are not available and the pharmacists need to get in touch with the prescriber to get authorization for alternate medications. Such phone calls can cost a practice more than $20,000 a year. Practices also need to maintain a bigger staff to make calls on their behalf and ensure that there is no mix up of communications. The eRx software saves all these unnecessary costs and improves the efficiency of a practice.

Increased patient safety

Handwritten prescriptions are prone to human errors. With the miscommunication that they cause, the patient could end up with wrong medicines. This could affect their health and cause more damage than good. eRx software improves patient safety by saving them from the wrong medications and educating them about these drugs. It helps them understand the importance of taking these medicines on time and the correct way to take them. When aware of the side-effects of their drugs, a patient can identify if something goes wrong.

Vinfotech offers a wide range of healthcare software solutions that are useful for pharmacists and healthcare providers.

This software helps to eliminate the gap between doctors, pharmacist, and patient due to poor handwriting and ensure that they have the right drug dispensed to the patient.

Vinfotech provides customized eRx (e-prescription) software solutions that help prescribe or refill in the medications timely. Such solutions are important for doctors, pharmacists, healthcare consultant and patients to avoid any misinterpretation of prescription. To bring eRx into your practice contact us.

  • Replaces handwritten prescriptions, and switch to reliable sources of medical
  • Solution for pharmacists and prescribers, for all sorts of devices
  • Online drug library acting as time savior
  • Improved medical adherence

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